Thursday, May 14, 2009



I hope that as you listen to my podcasts for this week (starting back on Magical Monday) that you will pick up the fact that it is vitally important for each of us to take control of our feelings, emotions, thoughts. When I ask, "What do YOU have to be thankful for?" I want to help you realize that, yes, friends, etc. CAN be a part of the things for which we are thankful. However, IF we rely on people, places and/or things to give us things for which to be thankful - we will be disappointed again and again and again.

Might I make a suggestion?

Since you are reading this, I can say this with complete confidence - You can be thankful for the fact that you are taking the time to fill your mind/heart/soul with POSITIVE influences!

This is a KEY point that must be realized and it is also a key point that Napoleon Hill makes in the 3rd chapter of his book, "Think & Grow Rich".

I focus the majority of today's podcast on his discussion of how important it is to saturate our minds with POSITIVE influences and to rid our lives of the NEGATIVE influences.

We must repeat again and again the positive thoughts that we know to be true. The mind will come to believe something to be true if repeated enough - regardless of whether it is actually true or not!

So, indeed, it is VERY important to repeat to ourselves those things that will lift us up and not tear us down.

Enjoy the podcast - it's a good one!

And, as always....

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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