Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wonderful Wednesday! - What's YOUR Specialty (part 2)

Good morning friends! (Hey, it's morning as I type this, o.k.?)

Yes, it is another WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY and, as always, it is within YOUR reach and YOUR power and YOUR capabilities to MAKE it so. Yes, you! So, what will you do with it - why not make it WONDERFUL?

In today's podcast I continue my discussion on chapter 5 of Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think & Grow Rich" - "Specialized Knowledge". I really focus in on one major point with this podcast when I share Mr. Hill's passage about this being a "Changed World". Remember, this was written right after the end of the Great Depression! He talked about the "changed world" that came about as a result of what our country had just endured.


We live in a "changed world" - do we not? It is no longer "business as usual" and things have changed. How well do you handle change?

Some people are afraid of change - ANY change! Some people cringe at the very word (I know people like this). Yet, if you listen, you will hear many talking very excitedly about this change and the OPPORTUNITY that is available to those that will gladly embrace and act upon this change.

What about you?

Change is a part of life, is it not? We cannot run and hide from change. We cannot change the fact that change IS a fact of life. (Hey, that was pretty nifty, huh?)

So, we can either run and try to hid (it won't work, friend) OR we can accept it, study it and take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY that is available only during times of great change.

Break that down even further for yourself this morning. Let's forget about the "world climate" for a moment. Let's focus on your world. Are you going through changes? Job stress? Job loss? Relationship problems? Financial worry? Listen - whatever it is - YOU CAN AND WILL MAKE IT THROUGH! You MUST come to believe that and know that deep down inside. (This actually goes back to the chapter discussion on "autosuggestion").

Although you would rather not go through this change, it may be inevitable. And, that being the case - it is up to YOU to determine what you will do with it and how you will approach it. Yes, you. No one else. Sure, people like me can help by giving you some positive encouragement but it is even up to you as to what you allow this positive encouragement to do in your life. You can toss it aside and leave it or you can absorb it and try to apply it. So, yes, you see - it still is up to you.

Remember..."As long as their is breath, there is hope!"

You CAN do it!

And, as always....

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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