Monday, May 11, 2009

Success Needs No Apologies! - "Magical Monday"

I hope that you are enjoying our discussions from the book, "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill in our current podcasts. I know I am enjoying sharing this information with you and am getting "more comfortable" with the amount of material to share in such a limited time on these podcasts.

That being the case, today's podcast is the 2nd part of the discussion on Chapter 2 - DESIRE.

As Mr. Hill continues his emphasis on DESIRE being the starting point of all achievement he also emphasizes that fact that we must have a DEFINITENESS OF PURPOSE - the knowledge of what one wants and the burning DESIRE to possess it.

We may choose to call that "FOCUS". Whatever you choose to call it and whether or not your "goal" is to be wealthy (rich) - WHATEVER YOUR GOAL, you MUST have that burning desire within that will drive you through any and all perceived failures along the way. We have already discussed that in some of our recent discussions on this topic.

However, as I look at this statement - I also see the importance of knowing your "WHY". Your PURPOSE - WHY are you pursuing this goal/dream? Is it simply to amass wealth? I'm thinking, since you are reading this, that the answer to that would be "no". Is it for your family and their financial security? Do you have something (a group, organization, charity) in mind with which you plan to share? Do you have something in mind that you want to do that requires more money than you have right now? WHAT IS THE "WHY" BEHIND YOUR DESIRE?

Another of the quotes in this chapter that I brought out was the following:

"Success requires NO APOLOGIES, failure permits NO ALIBIS."

WOW! Think about that! Perhaps we do not pursue "success" because we often feel that we need to apologize for doing so! Again, go back to the discussion last week on the thought of, "Is it wrong to desire wealth?" Should we feel GUILTY or APOLOGIZE because we seek success or achieve success?
If it were not for successful people - those that had a BURNING DESIRE to achieve success - we would not have many of the things that make our lives not only convenient but also healthier, safer, etc. Thomas Edison never gave up! He pushed forward again and again after many perceived "failures" while creating the "light bulb" as we know it today. His thought on this - each "failure" was just one step closer to "success". Why? He said that it was just another answer to "what doesn't work"! Wow! What an attitude. Aren't you glad he succeeded?
FAILURE PERMITS NO ALIBIS - stop making excuses! We are good at that, are we not? Do not accept anything less than your best and stop listening to even others that want to make excuses for you! Now, this is a fine line that we walk - on one hand we shouldn't "beat ourselves up" when we fall short of a goal. However, IF this goal is something that we have a BURNING DESIRE to achieve and it has a PURPOSE then we must also not allow the "comforting words" allow us to get TOO comfortable and relax and settle for mediocrity.
See what I mean?

And, finally, the last quote I wanted to discuss was one that should make a HUGE impact on our thought process as we have discussed it so far in our discussion.

"Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success."

What a GREAT way to look at these perceived "failures". Will we allow ourselves to LEARN from these setbacks? This is exactly what Thomas Edison did! He allowed each failure to bring him one step closer to success - it is within each of us to do the same!

Stop counting your failures and allowing that to stop you from moving forward! Instead, look at all of the seed that has been planted and let that propel you with forward momentum. My goodness, with that in mind, I have seeds planted for a BOUNTIFUL CROP OF SUCCESS! What about you?

What great information - I am so glad that Napoleon Hill did not give up on his pursuit of this book, aren't you?

We will continue our discussion on chapter 2 in tomorrow's podcast. Until then...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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