Monday, August 31, 2009

Never Give Up!

What do you do when you have set goals and you fail to reach them?

Do you keep striving toward that goal or do you give up?

Does the fact that you failed to reach that goal make you a failure?

NO it does not!

Les Brown (among others with similar ideas) suggest that we "shoot for the moon" and we may "land on a star". The idea being that we should set HIGH goals for ourselves. You see, even if we don't reach that goal we have reached a much higher plane than that at which we started!

Mel Robbins suggest that you throw the timeline for your goals out the door. I heard her say this at the SUCCESS Symposium in Dallas back near the end of March and I thought, "Say what??"

Everything I have ever read or heard talked about the importance of setting "dates" for the completion of our goals. But Mel suggests that this creates a lot of stress during the process and a feeling of failure at the end of the process.

I do agree with both of those points - but I would also suggest that you NEVER GIVE UP on reaching that goal. Let's say you don't make it by the time that you have set for yourself - what then?

You are NOT a failure for it is likely that (unless you've done absolutely nothing) you have moved further in your advancement than if you had not set the goal at all. BUT DON'T QUIT!

In my opinion, the only time that you become a failure is when you QUIT!

So what if it takes you an extra year to reach that goal? So what if it takes you an extra five years to reach your goal? The key here is to keep working and moving forward - NEVER GIVE UP!

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