Thursday, August 6, 2009

Old Man Worry - How Worry Impacts YOUR Life

Worry. We all do it. Question is - what does it accomplish?

Answer: NOTHING!

As we complete looking at the "Six Ghosts of Fear" as described by Napoleon Hill in his classic book, "Think & Grow Rich" he sums up the idea that "worry is a state of mind based upon fear".

Think about that and notice how true it really is - if we don't fear, we don't worry!

Worry can literally drive you crazy! How many of us have spent sleepless nights because we were worried about something? Ah, from the show of hands I see that it is pretty much all of us.

Is worry something that is out of our control? Is worry just a part of life that we must accept?

Yes and no. (Huh?)

I do believe that worry is somewhat of a natural occurrence in our lives - but I also believe that it is NOT something that we must just accept and it IS something that we CAN (and must) control.

Worry is an emotion that is born in our minds. That being so, remember that you CAN control your mind and your thoughts. Yes, it takes effort - but it CAN (and again, must) be done!

Mr. Hill goes through the list of the "Six Ghosts of Fear" and addresses the idea of worry with each one - pay close attention and learn by putting these thoughts into practice:

- The fear of POVERTY: make a decision to get along with whatever wealth you accumulate without worry!
- The fear of CRITICISM: make a decision to not worry about what others think, do or say!
- The fear of GETTING OLD: make a decision to accept it for the blessing it is which carries with it wisdom, self-control, and understanding not known to youth.
- The fear of GETTING SICK: make a decision to ignore "symptoms"! Do not allow every sniff and cough to cause you to worry - improve your positive mindset and move on.
- The fear of LOSING LOVE: by making a decision to get along without love if necessary.
- The fear of DEATH: make a decision to accept death as an inescapable event...and let that help you understand the importance of LIVING today!

Have you ever considered the impact that WORRY/FEAR in your life has on others? Think about it. It is a well-known fact that animals can sense fear in a human being. Isn't that interesting? Even bees sense fear and attack. If the animal/insect world can pick up on these feelings, do you not think that others around us can pick up on it as well? Don't you also think that it will have an IMPACT on them as well?

You've experienced this yourself, haven't you? Have you ever been around someone that "brought you down"? Sure you have! Their negative feelings, thoughts, words and general attitude had an impact on you - we actually battle this every day, don't we?

So, yes, worry is a hard one to handle - but we CAN handle and control it IF we determine in our minds to do so!

Don't allow WORRY to control your life. Instead, control worry so that you may LIVE YOUR LIFE!

And, as always, remember...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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