Monday, August 3, 2009


As I type this, it is another WONDERFUL MONDAY - the start of another FANTASTIC week! Many times I refer to Monday as "magical" on my podcast because it is, indeed, just that. Why? (This is for those that have never really listened to or heard my podcast). It is "magical" because you have the ability, the POWER to determine what your day will be. And, this being Monday, for most it is also the first day of the work week which means that, by determining the direction of your Monday, you also determine the direction of this work week! That is MAGICAL, my friend!

So, what will YOU do with your Monday? (This actually applies to every day!).

Lately I have also been referring to Monday as "Make-a-Wish Monday" because of the fund raising effort that I am involved in through F.Y.U. This goes through the end of this month with the goal of $5300 - the amount needed to fulfill the wish of one child.

Where are we in this goal? A dismal $300. No, that's not a typo...that's the correct figure. The whole month of July we raised $300.

SO...that means that we are headed for an UNBELIEVABLE finish to this effort and that it will be EXCITING when you finally decide to take action! Again, to raise the other $5,000 all we need is 166 people to donate $30 - that's all there is to it!

$30????? Some may be thinking that they cannot do that - and that's o.k. If you can't donate the $30 then what CAN you do and what WILL you do? For many - and I do mean many - $30 is but a drop in the bucket which means that those in that position can donate more than the $30. Will you?

Remember, organizations such as this CONTINUE with their task regardless of the economy! They STILL have wishes that need to be filled even in a "depressed" economy - so it is up to people like you and me to CONTINUE to support their efforts.

So, let's look at that $30 and consider it's VALUE. On today's podcast I discuss this and ask how many of you spent $30 over the weekend. Think about it. My guess is that the majority of you reading this did, indeed, spent $30 (and then some) at some point over the past weekend. Wow, some of you as you read this - depending on what time of the day you read this - may have spent that today already.

Did you spend it on a meal? Was it good? Even if it was the BEST MEAL EVER, it's now gone and but a memory. It was food. Now, don't place the value on the "experience" of the time spent with family and/or friends. Just the food itself. Think about it, you didn't pay your friends to spend time with you, did you? (If you did, we need to talk!). So, what was the VALUE of the money that you spent on that meal.

For most of us - if not all of us - it costs more than $30 to fill up our gas tanks. Sure, it gets us to where we are going, but have you considered the VALUE of that $30+?

We could go on and on with examples, but I hope you can follow through now with this thought process and apply it to yourself and your situation.

Now, what about the $30 that you COULD donate to this special effort? Oh, by itself, it really isn't able to accomplish much in fulfilling the dream of an ill child. BUT, when you combine with others all across the United States (and perhaps the world), you have LEVERAGE! And that LEVERAGE allows your efforts combined with others the ability to have a much greater IMPACT on the lives of these children! Think about that!

Now...what is the VALUE of that $30? For me, it is far greater than the value for any meal, for gas in my tank or whatever else I mindlessly spend $30 on over the course of a day or weekend. What about you?

When you consider this, we indeed are asking the question, "What is the VALUE of LOVE?" How do you put a "price tag" on that? YOU CAN'T!

Please, your help is NEEDED TODAY!! Not tomorrow (although we'll take it then too!). Here's the fact - and you know it's true - if you put off until tomorrow something that you can do TODAY, the odds of you doing it then are greatly diminished.

So, please, I beg you - DONATE TODAY!

Go to and click on the "Make-a-Wish" banner on the home page.

NOTE: When you go to the donation page - indicate the amount you wish to donate but DO NOT PUT IN YOUR ZIP CODE or change the "chapter"!!! THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT! Simply indicate the amount you wish to donate and then fill out your personal information.

IF YOU WOULD- after this is done you have the opportunity to leave a message for everyone else. If you donated the $30 - please leave a note that simply says, "I'm one of the $30" or something along that line. OR if you donated a different amount, please indicate that you are, indeed one that cares!
Too, if you would, leave some sort of indication of how you have come across this information. Perhaps it is from morningcoach. com - if so, perhaps put an MC beside that information. Are you accessing this from ? Then maybe something to indicate that as well. And, for all of you accessing this through Future You University, how 'bout "F.Y.U."?

Thanks again. We have our work cut out for us for sure. BUT if we will understand the POWER OF LEVERAGE as well as the POWER (and VALUE) of LOVE then we WILL reach this goal!

As always, "Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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