Thursday, July 30, 2009

ENJOY Your Age! (Regardless of What it Is!)

Wow, this whole "fear of getting old" thing really got me going this week, didn't it? For my "Thankful Thursday" podcast I went totally "Mike" on you with no input from Napoleon Hill's book, "Think & Grow Rich".


Well, for one, he didn't have that much to say about the topic (and I did) and, secondly, I just know that a lot of people use this "I'm too old" excuse as simply that - AN EXCUSE to cease living and blessing the lives of others!

Stop using this (or ANY) excuse and step out there and start living your life TODAY!

You know, sometimes fear can be a good thing! What? Sure it can! IF that fear drives us to productive ACTION - then it can serve as the "kick in the pants" that we may need.

Here's what I mean. For example, if "the fear of getting old" is in place because you fear not having enough money to survive then USE THAT FEAR to step out there and DO SOMETHING about it! You have the wisdom, experience and ability to MAKE SOMETHING HAPPEN in your life that you've never allowed yourself to do - why not now?

Here's something in my podcast that I challenged everyone to write down and say aloud each and every day - "I like ME and I like BEING me!" - yes, this means regardless of your age. Don't allow others to tell you who you are and how you should act, dress, talk, etc. based on THEIR expectations! YOU be YOU - regardless of your age. YOU have much to offer to the world - so share your life and all the experiences that have come in your life and share you love that has grown in your life because of the life that you have lived.

And, above all...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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