Tuesday, July 7, 2009


In today's podcast I continue focusing on the "formula for fear" that we began talking about yesterday.

However, what I want to do today is take a look at how we can CHANGE that formula from a "formula of fear" to a "FORMULA OF POWER"!

Remember, the formula that we discussed yesterday that Napoleon Hill uses in this chapter is as follows:


If you go back and remember some of the things that we discussed throughout the book you will find these things discussed. In an earlier chapter we looked at the wealth mindset vs. the poverty mindset and we found that one main difference was the way in which they approached decisions.

Those with the wealth mindset - after examining, planning, preparing - make their decision QUICKLY and then - if ever - they change that decision slowly. However, those with the poverty mindset - usually after very little effort with planning and preparing - make their decisions very slowly (indecision) and then change it quickly and often!


So, what is the OPPOSITE of "indecision"? DECISION!

You CAN make a decision! Yes, gather the needed information and prepare adequately. But, DO NOT sit back and wait and wait and wait. Many people do this every day! Once you have done the preparation - ACT! DECIDE!

If, as Napoleon Hill suggest, "indecision crystallizes into doubt" then, once we remove that "indecision" we also remove DOUBT!

What is the OPPOSITE of "doubt"? BELIEF or FAITH!

There is a whole chapter devoted to FAITH in this book. Knowing that you have properly prepared should bring about the FAITH or BELIEF that you CAN and SHOULD move forward! If you remember the discussion we had on the chapter on "Autosuggestion" you will remember how this FAITH or BELIEF is to be repeated over and over and over again until our subconscious mind begins to absorb it. By doing so, our subconscious mind will then accept it as FACT and "automatically suggest" to us that what we propose to undertake CAN be done because it is a FACT that WE CAN DO IT!

So, now we have the following to consider:

Instead of "indecision" we now have DECISION! Instead of "doubt" we now have FAITH!

So, if indecision + doubt = fear, then what happens if we combine DECISION with FAITH?

The result is PEACE and/or POWER!

Think about it... making a DECISION and sticking to it because you KNOW that it is a good, solid decision and that you CAN follow through with it will definitely give you a solid foundation of FAITH or BELIEF on which to stand! Then, and only then, can you be at PEACE with this decision and your action and then, and only then, will you have the POWER that is needed to be successful in this endeavor.


So, now the "formula for POWER" is as follows:


Take it. Claim it. Own it. Use it!

In our next blog article and podcast we begin our discussion of the "Six Ghosts of Fear" by talking about "The Fear of Poverty".

Until then, remember...

"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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