Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ATTACKING the Fear of Poverty

The fear of poverty can rob one of their very soul. What do I mean by that? Let me explain by sharing with you this excerpt from chapter 15 ("How To Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear") in Napoleon Hill's classic, "Think & Grow Rich" :

"This fear paralyzes the faculty of reason, destroys the faculty of imagination, kills off self-reliance, undermines enthusiasm, discourages initiative, leads to uncertainty of purpose, encourages procrastination, wipes out enthusiasm, and makes self-control an impossibility.
It takes the charm from one's personality, destroys the possibility of accurate thinking, diverts concentration of effort, it masters persistence, turns the willpower into nothingness, destroys ambition, beclouds the memory, and invites failure in the heart, discourages friendship and invites disaster in a hundred forms, leads to sleeplessness, misery, and unhappiness - and all this despite the obvious truth that we live in a world of over-abundance of everything the heart could desire, with nothing standing between us and our desires, excepting lack of definite purpose."
WOW! If you've ever experienced "poverty" then you, too, can look at that list and almost get the shivers - because it is TRUE! That's why I began today's article with the statement that "poverty can rob one of their very soul".
Yes, I know that, perhaps, this shouldn't be the case - BUT IT IS! Yes, I know (and Mr. Hill acknowledges this as well) that there are things of far greater value than money. However, you take a man's job away from him and you take a piece of him as well! When a man cannot provide for his family (yes, I understand this to be true of women as well - but I speak from a man's perspective) he feels worthless and ashamed. All of the "blessings" that surround him every day (such as a loving wife and/or wonderful family, etc.) are lost in the clouds of depression and despair.
So, here's the key - the only way to attack a foe is to know it's name and where it lives! And that is what we (Mr. Hill and myself) are going to do as we ATTACK this FEAR of POVERTY!
Know (and take heart in) this: This fear of poverty is but a mindset! It's true! The fear of poverty - notice, we are not talking about poverty itself...just the FEAR of poverty - can cause one to panic and freeze when they should be pushing forward boldly. But the MINDSET, when fueled by the negative information coming over the news, says it's best to "play it safe" and "stay put", thus causing us to cease any forward movement and momentum.
WE CAN CONQUER THE FEAR OF POVERTY - IF you are willing to follow along. IF you are willing to crawl out of your hole and, with our (Mr. Hill and myself) help, make progress toward a better future.
As we IDENTIFY and ATTACK this fear, in tomorrows podcast and article we will IDENTIFY some of the CHARACTERISTICS or TRAITS of this fear of poverty so that we can help YOU determine if it has crept into your life!
Join us then as we continue this POWERFUL discussion!
And, until then - and as always....
"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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