Saturday, July 4, 2009

Independence Day!

Today is July 4th and, in the United States of America we celebrate this as Independence Day. Now listen, it doesn't matte WHERE you're from - I'm going to cover some points that ALL can relate to.
HOWEVER, I want to speak a moment to my fellow Americans.... as we remember and celebrate this special day.
1. Don't forget what it is we celebrate - Yes, there are cookouts and fireworks that are enjoyed by many, but don't forget what we REALLY celebrate today. This is the day we celebrate the BIRTH of our country and the bravery that those who signed that Declaration of Indepence exhibited by putting their names on the line. Not only that, but the countless number of men and women that have sacrificed fighting to maintain that freedom.
2. BE THANKFUL! Are you one that gripes and fusses about all of the things that aren't right in our country? Realize that there are those that died so that you can have that freedom! Oh, believe me but check it out for yourself - many countries would "shut you down" in a heartbeat for talking against your country. It still happens today. BE THANKFUL of where you live and the FREEDOMS that we enjoy.
3. DO SOMETHING to make our country better! Talk is cheap - DO SOMETHING! Many already have and it cost many of them their lives.
Regardless of where you live or where you are - we ALL have the opportunity to claim independence in our own lives as we pursue a brighter and better future. Think about it - YOU have the power to change your life in such a way so as to claim Independence in your own life in the following ways:
* FREEDOM from an uncertain future - YOU can change it and chart your course!
* FREEDOM from financial worries - YOU can change even your financial future!
* FREEDOM from the stress of the above things - Yes, again, YOU can change your future!
Get the point? I could go on and on with that type of idea but here's the kicker - YOUR FUTURE IS NOW and YOU have the POWER and the ABILITY to make it what YOU want it to be!!!!
So, for so many reasons -
Happy Independence Day!!!

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