Monday, July 6, 2009

Introduction to "Fighting Fear"

In today's podcast I continue on to the last part of the Napoleon Hill classic, "Think & Grow Rich" in which he discusses "How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear".

As I mention in the podcast, although this is still part of this book and these thoughts connect with everything else that Mr. Hill discussed in his book, I am approaching this as a separate discussion for us. Yes, as I said, these things tie in directly to the discussion of this book BUT they also are such a vital thing for us to discuss in every area of our lives.

I mentioned that I had been sent a new acrostic for the word FEAR which put a positive twist on this word. AWESOME! However, for a definition of the word I still cannot come up with anything better than. F.E.A.R. (False Evidence Appearing Real).

Do you realize that the majority of the things that we fear - that we are afraid of - never come to be? A majority of these things never happen!

Too, do you realize that the very fact that we focus so much time and energy on something we fear may very well bring that thing we fear to reality - DUE TO THE ENERGY AND FOCUS WE HAVE GIVEN?

We fear the unknown! "What if?"
- WHAT IF I try to do this and I fail?
- WHAT IF I fail and I lose my house?
- WHAT IF I fail and I lose my job?
- WHAT IF I fail and I go broke?
- WHAT IF I open my heart up to this person and they don't reciprocate?
- WHAT IF I give my heart to this person and they break it?

You know enough about me by now to know that I LOVE the "What if?" question - but in a different way. Let me demonstrate:
- WHAT IF I try to do this and I succeed?
- WHAT IF I succeed and pay off my house early?
- WHAT IF I succeed and I can leave my job and pursue what I want to do?
- WHAT IF I succeed and I gain wealth beyond my wildest dreams?
- WHAT IF I open my heart up to this person and they DO reciprocate?
- WHAT IF I give my heart to this person and my heart if filled with joy beyond compare?

Napoleon Hill even gives a formula that I think is very powerful and a MUST for us to notice as we talk about the "ghosts of fear". Here it is:

Wow! Take a close look at that one! Mr. Hill says that indecision is the seedling of doubt and that doubt will grow into fear. Please take a very close and personal look at that and realize how true it is in our own lives!
I make a bold statement in today's podcast. I state that, between Napoleon Hill and I, we will HELP YOU conquer the fear in your life! But here is the unsaid factor....IF you let us.
This is going to be a POWERFUL discussion and I hope you will plan to join me for each and every one as we begin the process of learning to "outwit the six ghosts of fear".
And, as always...
"Make it an AWESOME Day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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