Monday, November 2, 2009

Keep On Trying!

Keep On Trying!

What you will notice as we go through this "Positive Alphabet" is that many of the thoughts mentioned are repetitive! There are many that you will notice the same thing being said, just in a different way.

Is that a bad thing? NO!

Repetition is a good and NECESSARY thing as we attempt to transform our lives by absorbing these principles being covered in these podcasts and blogs!

I found this article by Michael Tipper on this website, entitled: "Why Repetition is so Important"-

"When you create a memory, a pathway is created between your brain cells. It is like clearing a path through a dense forest. The first time that you do it, you have to fight your way through the undergrowth.

If you don't travel that path again, very quickly it will become overgrown and you may not even realise that you have been down that path. If however, you travel along that path before it begins to grow over, you will find it easier than your first journey along that way.
Successive journeys down that path mean that eventually your track will turn into a footpath, which will turn into a lane, which will turn into a road, and into a motorway and so on.

It is the same with your memory: the more times that you repeat patterns of thought, for example when learning new information, the more likely you will be able to recall that information. So repetition is a key part of learning."

Wow! Did you get that? Think about the analogy used in this article and apply that to us as we attempt to improve our lives by "going against the grain" in our negative society! We are literally "clearing a path through a dense forest" as we "hack" our way out of the negativity that we have allowed into our lives! We have allowed it to take root and to grow - but now we have decided to move out of that situation and to improve our lives. IT'S NOT EASY and it's NOT a "one-time activity". This is what we discussed just a few articles ago!

You see, when you START this process and then QUIT (even for a time) you will find it difficult once again. "Oh, but it shouldn't be that way! I already started the process!" Yes, but you allowed the "weeds" to grow back up and now you must cut them down again!

You ceased momentum! The very law of momentum is that it is very difficult to get something started moving from a dead stand-still. HOWEVER, once you DO finally get it to start moving, MOMENTUM helps KEEP it going until it takes less and less effort to move that "something" along!

And YES, momentum CAN cease and we will have to start all over again!

So, KEEP ON TRYING! Every single day!

Do NOT give in to the idea of failure! Thomas Edison saw each "failure" on his way to the invention of the light bulb as one more way learned that didn't work - don't do it that way again!'ll go beyond "trying" and you'll be FLYING!

(Yeah, I know - sounds kinda corny - but it's TRUE!).

It's not easy to start, but it is a necessity! Begin the JOURNEY! And don't give up, don't give in, don't surrender but....KEEP ON TRYING!

And, all along the way, make sure that you...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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