Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Open Your Eyes!"

Open Your Eyes!

I always have found it funny when anyone (kids OR adults) covers their ears because they don't want to hear what someone else is saying. It's funny when kids do it - but not that unusual since we expect children to do childish things. However, when I see an adult do this (and I have on more than one occasion) I really do get amazed and amused!

Once, when I was in either Jr. High or Sr. High (I can't remember which) one of my teachers began to really "chew" on me about something. Her voice was one of those types of voices that would give fingernails on a chalkboard a close run for the money on the "irritation" scale! So, what did I do? The only mature thing I knew to do - I put my hands over my ears to try to make it stop!

Uh...can you say, "Mistake!"?

Do me a favor and let's do a little experiment. Close your eyes or put your hands over your eyes - your choice. Wait, don't do it right now or you can't read the rest of this! But, tell you what -- go ahead and do that for about 10 seconds and then come back and read the rest of this. I'll wait.

O.k.....you back with me now?

Let me ask you a couple of questions about what just happened as you closed or covered your eyes. Was your vision blocked? Could you see anything? (The obvious answer to these would be "yes" and "no" - YOU COULDN'T SEE!)

Let me ask you another question. When you opened or uncovered your eyes, had anything disappeared? Now, I know, sometimes we wish we could do that and have certain people disappear! But, it doesn't work that way, does it?

So, since it is true that the same people are around us, the same "stuff" is around us (office, house, etc.) it is also true that we have some choices to make IF we'd like things to change!


This will work to some extent. We can have a change of scenery (city, house, work environment and some of the people). Notice I said "some" of the people! Now, if you're single, this might not apply to you but, if you have family (spouse and/or kids) with you then THAT part will still be there. So, this choice does not solve everything, does it?


I'm not quite sure how you'd do this, but some people try to do it every single day. They try to change the people around them and get frustrated when they are unsuccessful in doing so. They even rearrange their furniture thinking that will make a difference - and it might give you a fresh feeling for a little while, but then what? Some divorce and find someone new. Some buy a shiny, red sports car. And on and on it goes. But, we all know that nothing really changes in this situation either, does it?


I would suggest that this would be your best solution. Oh sure, sometimes we DO need a fresh start and NEED to move to a different environment - I understand that. Yet, might I suggest that, even in such a situation, it still would benefit you to change the way you see things?

I can answer that for you - YES!

We ALL need to "open our eyes" and see the beauty of those around us as well as the blessings of what else surrounds us every single day!

It is easy for us to take the familiar for granted. It is easy for a husband to take his wife for granted as well as for a wife to take her husband for granted. It is easy for parents to take their children for granted and it is sure easy for children (of ANY age) to take their parents for granted.

Think about it - everything that I have discussed all the way back to the beginning of my podcasts (March 2, 2009) and blog all focuses on the fact that we must work on ourselves and work on CHANGING our mindset. This is also the idea behind "open your eyes" --- when we change the way we think we also change the way we see/perceive that which is around us!

By the way, this blog entry is totally different (for the most part) than the podcast recorded for today on this same topic. So, in reality, you get 2 for the price of 1 today! And, that price is simply some of your time.

Take this thought to heart and apply it to your everyday life. Expand on it. Make it personal.

But, whatever you do..."OPEN YOUR EYES" and see things differently than you have ever seen them before.

And, as always, "Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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