Monday, November 30, 2009

Visualize It!

Visualize It!

In today's podcast and blog I want to talk about the importance of visualization - the process of visualizing (getting a visual image) your success.

Now, I understand that some people may think that this just sounds too far "out there" - but it is real and it is something that is practiced by successful people everyday in many different areas.

If you have watched athletes as they prepare to compete in an event, many times you will see them sitting with their eyes closed going through their participation in their mind. You will see this many times with those that participate in the Olympics - whether it be a diving competition or a down hill skiing competition. The athlete will "visualize" their going through the course flawlessly and with success. This is considered "normal" activity and is encouraged for success.

There is a very well known story about Walt Disney and his dream for Disney World. It was completed after his death and, on the day of it's opening, someone made the comment to Walt's wife, "I sure wish Walt could have seen this" to which she replied, "He already has!". You see, Walt Disney had already visualized what his dream would look like before it ever materialized and without even being there to see it for himself once it was completed!

If you follow along with those great leaders in the field of personal development you will hear this talked about as well. They will stress the importance of each of us visualizing - in great detail - what we will look like once we reach our goals. They encourage us to get as specific as possible and to "see" the house, the cars parked in the driveway, etc. I even want to take that a step further and I want to even take a big breath and SMELL what it's like!

This is a GREAT exercise for each of us to participate in as we move toward that goal - see it, visualize it!

However, many of us cannot quite connect the "jump" between where we are now and that image of our success. Sometimes it seems like an impossible gulf that lies between the "now" and the "then". See what I mean?

This is something that I've not seen discussed very often and I'd like to address that potential problem and offer what I believe to be a powerful solution to this possible dilemma.

Here it is:

Don't just visualize what your life will be like WHEN YOU REACH YOUR GOALS, but make sure you VISUALIZE YOUR JOURNEY ALONG THE WAY!

Set "mile markers" along the way and visualize your life as you reach those markers - and celebrate along the way as well!

Here is the example I use in today's podcast (use whatever fits your situation)...

Suppose your goal is to make $100,000 over the next 12 months. Don't just visualize what your life will look like once you've reached that goal - remember, that's a far cry from where you are right now and it may even discourage you when you see the great distance that you must go! - but break it down into smaller "markers" along the way.

Perhaps you want to set your first "mile marker" at $10,000. I believe it will be easier for us to visualize that right now - even today - rather than trying to visualize the $100,000 goal. Don't you? What will be changing? What will it feel like? What will the smile on your face look like? What will your bank account begin to look like?

IMPORTANT: Once you reach that first mile marker - CELEBRATE! Now, c'mon friend, use your head a little bit on this celebration! Don't celebrate and burn up a good chunk of that $10,000 - that would be absolutely stupid, wouldn't it? But, find a way for some sort of significant celebration and enjoy your success thus far.

Then what? Perhaps make your next "mile marker" at $20,000 then $30,000 - you get the picture. When you reach the $50,000 - the half-way mark - REALLY celebrate (but again, use some common sense). For right now, don't worry about visualizing what that will look like - set your visualization goals on the first "marker" and it will get easier to visualize these other milestones along the way!

Once you reach that half-way point, it WILL become easier for you to visualize the completion of your goal and you will likely begin to expand that goal with new numbers!

What's that old saying? "A journey of 1,000 miles begins with one step." How true it is in life and how true it is as we all make progress toward our goals and dreams!

Get excited! Visualize your first "mile marker", whatever it may be. Move! Take action! Take that step toward that first celebration and then KEEP ON MOVING toward your goals and dreams!

And, as you take steps along the way, never forget to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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