Monday, November 23, 2009

Understand Yourself & Others

Understand Yourself and Others

** First of all, let me mention something that I just realized! This is so funny and I want NO COMMENTS about me getting old and/or forgetful, o.k.? As I prepared to type up today's blog entry it dawned on me that I had intended to do a PART 2 of the last topic, "Take Control of YOUR Destiny!" ---- and I forgot! So... I did record a new podcast on the letter"U" (as you can see from the title above) BUT, I WILL do a part 2 as promised for Tuesday's podcast! Hopefully that won't confuse you too badly! But now, on to TODAY'S topic...

As we progress closer and closer to our goals and dreams it is vitally important for us to understand ourselves so that we may also better understand others.

Just as we know it is true that there are certain things that will drive us forward in this quest it is also true of those around us. And, that being true, the same can be said of things that will cause us to refuse to move forward.

If we DO indeed understand this about ourselves then it should also help us better understand others as we attempt to motivate them to move forward in their own lives.

Perhaps it is a team that we are in charge of at our work. Are you frustrated with them? Are you pulling your hair trying to figure out WHY they aren't following you?

Maybe you need to spend a little time trying to find out what makes them click! Maybe you need to spend a little more time trying to UNDERSTAND them and UNDERSTAND what motivates them and what repels them. This might be important, wouldn't you agree?

If you haven't figured this out, regardless of what your goal is (or your goals are) - you need people to help you move forward! That is a fact, my friend and this being so would suggest to us how important it is to understand those around us.

For the remainder of this blog entry, let's focus on ourselves with the understanding that, once we begin to understand these points then we should apply them to those around us.

What makes YOU click? Be honest with yourself and really examine this closely. Too many times we find that we are trying to reach goals in order to please someone else! Sometimes we have done this so long that we may actually have even lost sight of our own goals and dreams! HERE'S THE KICKER - if you are trying to reach any one's dreams and/or goals but your own - YOU WILL NOT SUCCEED!
Think about that. If you find that you are having a terrible time reaching your goals and you find that you just never seem to have the motivation to move forward on your goals and dreams, perhaps it is time to revisit them and find out the "why" behind them. WHY are you striving to reach these particular goals? WHY? Be honest with your answers. If you find that, as you answer honestly, that your answers come out similar to, "Because it would make my spouse happy" or "It would make my parents happy and/or proud" - then maybe you need to take a step back and reconsider your goals and dreams.

So, when we really take a close look at this single point we can see how it can impact our whole lives and the lives around us!

Now, transfer this thought to the example used above about your team at work. If they feel that everything they are doing is simply to help you reach YOUR goal then they will not likely be on board for the task. HOWEVER, if you can figure out what makes THEM click and help them see how working together can help THEM reach THEIR own goals - then you will have a far better chance at success in this situation.

Once again, easier said than done. But, who ever said it was going to be easy?

As with everything else that I discuss in my podcasts and through this blog - it is all up to YOU! No one else can do this for you, but I believe that it is an absolute necessity that you DO this and that you do this as soon as possible!

Only then will you find the drive and desire to keep pushing forward toward YOUR goals and dreams!

And, as always, be sure to remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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