Sunday, February 2, 2014

Don't Get Beat Up or Beat Down

There I was sitting in the office of a millionaire and a "legend" in the company.
This was recent, as in "within 6 months ago" recent.
Like I said, this guy was pretty much a legend in the company and I had the great fortune to be close enough to his office to attend some trainings that were done there. On this particular day, the meeting had been cancelled and I didn't know it. He graciously offered for me to come in to his office and just ask questions or whatever I needed.
Very gracious. I mean, hey, like in a lot of "business opportunities", since he didn't recruit me or since someone in his "down line" didn't recruit me, he got nothing out of me financially but yet, here he was, willing to allow me to "pick his brain".
I was not doing well. I was struggling and I had no idea what to ask or even what to say. But, somewhere in the course of our conversation I mentioned a few of the things that I had been involved in (no, not that big list I shared with you the other day) and that I just didn't know what to do in order to get results.
He then shared with me what he had heard on the company's live video-streamed weekly program from another legend in the company. The guy on the program basically said that, in all of these other things that you have been involved in, others DID make money doing them. The insinuation was basically, "So, why haven't you? They have!"
Now, the millionaire legend sitting across the desk from me didn't really have to say much more. Him using that quote and then just looking at me like, "Well?" was enough
Bottom line is that I tried to figure out why I HADN'T been successful at any of these other things that I had been involved in but I just couldn't come up with an answer. This bugged me for quite a while until...
You want to know when I began to look at this differently? It wasn't until last week when I put that big ol' list together of all the things that I have tried over the years. I also began to "listen" to myself and what I have shared with you about "changing vehicles" does not make you a failure as long as you keep moving forward in this journey.
To be honest, it kinda made me a little angry when I thought about it again. Yeah, what the guy said was true - some people DID make money in all of those ventures. Shoot, when you think about it that way, people make money in scams, too, right? That doesn't mean that I'm a loser if I didn't feel good about that situation (thinking maybe it WAS a scam) and took my focus elsewhere.
And, he had every right to say what he said. I do know how he was trying to motivate me with that kind of thought. But, you know what? I realized that I had allowed him to beat me up and beat me down when I was already beaten up and beaten down.
I am still on the "road" along the journey to my goals and dreams. I HAVE NOT GIVEN UP and I will NOT give up.
And neither will you!
Don't get beat up - GET UP, keep moving and move forward every single day!
And, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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