Monday, May 5, 2014

Do NOT Leave The House Empty!

We've talked a lot about the need for change in our lives lately and, as part of that change, we've also talked a lot about the need to rid our lives of those things (and people) that devalue and disrespect us.
This is KEY when you get really serious about stepping out and living life as it as intended to be lived by you. If you have not done so, be sure to go back and read the blog and listen to the podcasts from last weeks series, "From Victim to Victor!". You'll be glad you did.
Let's talk about houses for a moment. Many times, when someone moves, they rent their house out to others while, at the same time, others will not. Sure, there could be a lot of potential problems with having someone else live in the house that you have taken care of in the past but, if you get the right person, it can actually be better for the house.
That's right. It is better for a house to be LIVED IN rather than to be left empty. You can do some research for yourself but, from what I understand, when a house is left empty it tends to "behave" differently than if people were in it. For one, without the heat or air conditioner on, the house either expands or contracts more with the weather than it does when one is in the house controlling the inside air temperature.
The longer a house is left empty the more likely it will be broken into and vandalized. It is also more likely to have unwelcomed "visitors" arrive such as mice, rats, birds and other "critters". Why? No one is there making noise to scare them away and, at the same time, your house is more likely to get glass broken in the windows as well as openings in different areas of the house.
I think I've talked about that enough to make the point that it is important to NOT leave a house empty!
So it is with YOU!
It is VERY important that, when you remove something harmful or negative from your life, you replace it with something helpful and positive. For example, if you decide your life would be better off if you stopped watching television completely, you had best find something to replace that void if you want to stick to your decision!
That is a BIG HOLE to fill and you need to do something else - especially at first when the "cold sweats" of going "cold turkey" are strongest. Do what the season allows: go walking, hiking, biking or read and/or anything else that you can do that will enrich your life more than sitting in front of a television screen.
See what I mean? One more: when you quit smoking, you MUST have something to replace that habit. For my Dad, many years ago when he stopped smoking, he would suck on LifeSavers. I loved it because I always got some too!
If you rid your life of the negative people that have done nothing but weigh you down with their disrespect and giving you nothing but left overs, it is IMPORTANT that you replace them with people that will do just the opposite - build you up, lift you up and feed you POSITIVE input!
The longer you leave that space empty, the more likely you will allow that same thing (or people) to fill that void.
You DO NOT want ANYTHING back in your "house" that will cause damage and that will "open the door" to other damaging inhabitants.
Got it?
Fill your "house" with love, support and all things good. And, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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