Thursday, May 1, 2014

Achieving Inner Peace

Those that find themselves in circumstances that leave them feeling lost, those that have accepted the value - or lack of value - that others have placed upon them and those that have accepted "left overs" from those around them rarely know inner peace. As a matter of fact, they know very little of ANY peace in their lives.
Hopefully this week's articles and podcasts have been helpful for those that have struggled with allowing others to determine and control their self-worth. Again, YOU ARE OF GREAT VALUE AND WORTH no matter what anyone else has told you.
Yes, you have to start where you are but you have HOPE today - TODAY - of taking a  new path in and for your life! You must know that and believe that and begin to move in a new direction for your life.
Notice the graphic: Inner peace begins THE MOMENT you choose not to allow another person or event to control your emotions. In other words, it begins INSTANTLY.
Just the DECISION to not allow this anymore in your life will bring a sense of peace into your life. Just the ACKNOWLEDGEMENT that you have allowed others to control how you feel about yourself and how you "look" at yourself will bring a sense of peace into your life.
Oh yes, it will likely bring a sense of disappointment in yourself and maybe even a sense of disgust and shame.....but move past that quickly. You have felt that too many times before and for too long.
Please know again that I know and understand that I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist and that I also know that making such a move and decision could even be dangerous for you in certain situations.
Get the help you need to even make that first move away from such a situation and protect yourself but, for yourself and even for your children if you have them with you, you MUST make that move and understand that you DO have so much to offer so many.
Inner peace does not mean that all problems disappear. It does not mean that you will not struggle with guilt or question yourself from time to time.
It DOES mean that, in spite of those times of negative feelings, you can still find peace KNOWING that you are moving in a different direction with choices made by YOU with a strong belief in your ability to do so and of your WORTH.
I'd love to hear from you. And, yes, MEN, this could even be you that is too often overlooked in these type of situations. Yes, even you can struggle with these very things we have been discussing this week.
"As long as there is breath, there is hope." - Mike Spillman
Yeah, I wrote that and I believe it fully. There is hope as long as you are alive and breathing. Take that hope and let it begin to burn inside to a full flame.
And, as you do so, whatever you do, be sure to....
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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