Wednesday, April 30, 2014

No More Left Overs!

I'm so glad that I didn't live during the time when kids ate only after the adults had their meal first. ESPECIALLY when I was a kid! I'm sure "Momma" fixed plenty of food for all but, at the same time, the kids got what was left over, hence the term "left overs".
Now, I honestly like some left overs when it comes to food. I enjoy "turkey-burgers" from a Thanksgiving meal about as much as the meal itself. Many others are like me in that way.
However, eating a turkey-burger from the Thanksgiving Day turkey is something that I do by CHOICE. I have not been forced to wait and see what was left before I could decide what my meal would be. You can read of other situations in history when all that was left was crumbs and these crumbs were all that were available for some.
THAT'S the image I want in your mind as we talk about your life (and mine).
This ties in so closely to the last article about understanding your VALUE and your WORTH and not giving out any more "discounts" of yourself to others.
There are varying degrees of this type of behavior and acceptance and some may not even realize that they are living a life that is accepting "left overs" from those around them. Today I want to encourage you to STOP living a life of left overs!
It may be a wife accepting this life of left overs from her husband. It may be a Mom that has allowed her children to conduct themselves in such a way that she is living this life of left overs from them.
It may be an adult that grew up in a home where they accepted this type of behavior from their parents because, to a large extent, they had to. But now, as an adult, they still accept this life of left overs from their parents because they have not learned how to break that habit.
It may be a person that has this type of situation at work and are living a life of left overs from their boss or even their co-workers. It may be a person that has accepted this from their circle of friends.
PAY ATTENTION TO THIS: Yes, it may even be a man that has accepted this life of left overs from his wife, his children, his parents, co-workers and circle of friends. Many times men like to separate themselves from this type of truth - but it IS true with some.
When others put everything and everyone else ahead of you and then show you "attention" or support only as an afterthought then, friend, you are living a life of left overs. Go back and read the last article again or for the first time. YOU ARE OF MORE VALUE THAN THIS!
Now obviously I'm not talking about being an attention seeking diva. I think you know that.
I'm talking about you or maybe someone you know that is allowing this to happen in their lives. Many times it is allowed because the one accepting this life style doesn't quite know how to stop it from happening.
You may need professional help and there is NO SHAME in that! Many have years of abuse (remember, abuse does not always have to be physical) in their lives that must be approached with someone that is trained to help them through this. Don't be afraid to search this out.
I do hope that just by reading the blog articles this week and by listening to the podcasts that you may be inspired enough to stand up, claim your value and act accordingly.
You ARE worthy. Don't ever forget that and do NOT allow others to treat you in any way other than acknowledgement of that fact.
Again, I'm here and would love to hear from you at any time. And men, don't forget, that includes you, too!
Sit down and "eat" all that life has to offer and stop waiting around to see what is left over before you do! And, as you do so, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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