Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Growth is Optional

How does that saying go? I think it's something like, "If there is anything consistent in life, it's change!"
You cannot go through ONE DAY in life and not experience change. I'd even say that you cannot go through ONE HOUR  - or even ONE MINUTE - in life and not experience change.
Our bodies are constantly in a state of change and, much of that change is unable to be seen by us. Regardless, that change exists.
Any information that you put into your brain during the day brings about \change in the makeup of your mind. What you have read so far in this blog has caused such a change to take place. The moment you opened your eyes today began that process as well.
Some changes we have no control over, don't know about and, for the most part, feel no reactions or results due to those changes.
But then there are the changes that we KNOW about and definitely FEEL and REACT to the results that come due to those changes.
And, many times, we DO NOT LIKE THEM!
Like them or not, as the graphic above points out - change is INEVITABLE!
The important thing, then, is what we do with the changes that come our way. As with everything else that is discussed in this blog and on the podcast it comes down to a CHOICE that has to be made by each one of us and no one else can do it for us.
You can choose to be defeated, beaten up, put down and embittered by the changes that come your way OR... you can choose the growth that can come from the change, even if it is painful.
No one else can make that choice for you.
From what I understand, a person's ears never stop growing. That explains to me why I see so many "old people" with HUGE ears! But, you know what? We should all strive to make the following true as well:
     - We, regardless of the changes that come our way, will never, ever stop growing. We choose GROWTH!
And, as you maneuver you way through and around the constant changes in life, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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