Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Whatever it Takes - Just Get There!

How important is "it" to you?
What is "it" ?  I don't know, I cannot answer that for you but I can say this: "IT" is whatever drives you, pushes you, pulls you and keeps you going every day. "IT" is whatever area of your life in which you are seeking improvement.
So, YOU determine what "it" is for you and, again, ask yourself, "How important is it to you?"
We've already established the fact that it is usually DIFFICULT before it gets EASY and that most people QUIT because it is too difficult.
Is that true for you?
We've also established the fact many times over the past few years that there WILL be "roadblocks" and "detours" along the way of your pursuit of "it". And, again, most people QUIT because there are these "roadblocks" and "detours".
Is that true for you?
If "it" is important enough to you then you will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to get there! And, friend, the only way to do that is to "keep moving forward" as it says in the quote above!
Don't compare yourself to others - some can fly but maybe YOU need to run....others may be able to run but maybe YOU need to walk....others may be able to walk and maybe YOU need to crawl in order to get there.
But, the main thing is this: YOU MUST KEEP MOVING FORWARD!
Whatever it takes.
This should also help reinforce the importance of "fueling up" with as much positive information as you can each and every day. We ALL need a little "help" along the way and this is one sure way to get that much needed help.
Don't give up, don't you EVER give up! And, as you keep doing whatever it takes to get "there", be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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