Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Ordinary or EXTRAordinary?

I actually was looking up the definition of the word, "extraordinary" on to share with you in today's blog but then I thought, "You know what? Just point out the obvious!"
And the obvious definition is simply this: NOT ORDINARY or MORE than ordinary!
Here's something else to consider: many will have a different definition of what it is to be EXTRAordinary simply due to the fact that "ordinary" is lived, shown, defined in different ways based on the surroundings.
For example, if you make $200,000 a year and you find yourself among multi-millionaires, you will find it hard to be considered "extraordinary" financially. However, in a group of most "average" and, yes, "ordinary" salaried employees, you may very well be looked at as financially "extraordinary".
You've heard it said many times before that we tend to "fit in" along the lines of our 5 or 10 closest acquaintances. This is true financially but it is also true in the way that we live life. Those 5 or 10 people will highly influence the way that we look at what it means to "play it safe" or take a risk and step out. Your way of thinking in what it means to just "fit in" and not "rock the boat" with thoughts and ideas is highly molded by those that you are closest to.
What do YOU want?
How do YOU want to live?
What is the "norm" in your situation? What is ordinary?
Many settle for going to work, coming home, sitting in front of the television until time to go to bed and then getting up in the morning and doing the exact same thing all over again. Day in and day out.
I guess I'm kind of "tip-toeing" around on this one because I know a lot of people that are very happy in their lives. I'm not talking about those that I described in the preceding paragraph, but others that find ways to make their lives MORE than just sitting in front of a television set.
So, in their own way, they have chosen to live an extraordinary life!
How do they do what they do? Perhaps they make an extra effort to earn more or maybe they just save more. Whatever it is, they have found a way to add a little something EXTRA to their lives to keep it from being mundane and ordinary!
It doesn't have to be going on an "around-the-world" trip or a two month cruise.
It may be stepping out and starting a new business from home OR it may be stepping out and learning a new hobby or planning a trip to somewhere that you have never been before.
I don't know but YOU can figure it out based on your own life and where you are.
This can be the fun part BEFORE the fun part - planning to do something out of the ordinary for you...something EXTRAordinary!
Why live life any other way?
Don't wait for others to do it for you. Instead...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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