Wednesday, April 23, 2014

What Successful People Build

I'm not sure why more people don't understand this idea, but more sure need to!

When one hates, blames and complains they live in a vicious cycle. Think about it: those that are in "leadership" positions that conduct themselves this way do not get the results that are needed in order for them to be successful. Then, as a result of the disappointment and frustration of not being as successful as they would like, they increase their hate, blame and complaining which, in turn, makes it even worse.

Yeah, I know. How did people like this get in a leadership position in the first place and why do these people STILL get promoted at times? I really don't understand that myself but, this I DO know. They can get promoted BUT they will NEVER be as successful as they could be if the would conduct themselves on the "other side" of this equation.

Whether you are around to see it or not, these people WILL fail and they WILL fall. Sooner or later, it WILL happen.

So, enough of that. Let's look to what SUCCESSFUL people build.

Sure, they may build buildings and big businesses BUT, first and foremost, they build PEOPLE!

Notice what the graphic points out: they motivate, inspire and push each other along (in a POSITIVE way). They build each other up!

You KNOW that this works, don't you? Don't YOU want to work harder with/for people like this? Doesn't this type of person cause you want to GIVE your best, DO your best and BE your best?


That's why they are successful and they, too, are in a cycle but, not the same type of vicious cycle that those on the unsuccessful side experience. Those that are successful by conducting themselves in this way live in a continuous cycle of promotion, positivity and progress.

"Yeah, but I treat people that way and I'm not successful like them!"

Sure, you may not be in the same position that they are, but know this:
     - You ARE successful buy living this way and treating others in this way
     - Don't forget that they did not get where they are in a single day
     - "Success" can have many different meanings in life

Bottom line, it's just a better way to live (and it's more fun, too!).

So, build the way SUCCESSFUL people build and be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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