Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The One Reason Why

We're all really good at coming up with dozens and dozens of "reasons" (excuses DISGUISED as reasons) why we can't accomplish something in our lives. And, if that's not enough, there are plenty of other people that surround us every day that are more than happy to add to that list for us.
We listen to all of those "reasons" (excuses DISGUISED as reasons) as to why we CAN'T and as to why something WON'T work instead of listening to the ONE reason as to why we CAN and as to why it WILL work!
Oh, there's more than one but I'm going to give you one MAIN reason before we're done here today.
We have talked a lot lately about the need to REMOVE and REPLACE those negative things and people from our lives that have devalued us, disrespected us and have thrown us nothing but left overs. We have allowed them to convince us that our worth and our value is dependent upon what THEY decide we are worth.
So, let's say you have decided to step out and away from this life and to move on to the life that you were created to have. You may still be standing in the same spot - frozen - afraid and believing that you CAN'T and that it WON'T work! And, likely, many - if not most - of these reasons are the exact things that you have heard and accepted for all of these years. You can't because you don't have the ability or you can't because you don't deserve it or.....
Or, let's say you have decided to go back to school to finally get that degree (or even high school diploma). You're in your 40's or 50's, your kids are all grown and you have decided to take that step, yet you find that you are still thinking about it and have begun to believe all of those "reasons" as to why you can't. You can't because you're older than everyone else or you can't because you're just too old and your brain won't allow you to study and remember or...
We could go on and on with examples but there is no need because I can almost promise that you've come up with SOMETHING that applies to you in your life RIGHT NOW - TODAY!
Are you ready to hear the ONE REASON as to why you CAN?  Are you ready to hear this ONE REASON and start NOT LISTENING to all of those so-called "reasons" as to why you can't and as to why it WON'T work?
Are you ready?
It's YOU.
YOU are the one reason that it WILL work! YOU are the one reason that you CAN accomplish whatever it is that you have a desire to accomplish in and with your life!
Yes, YOU!
For too long you've listened to those that have tried to convince you that YOU are the reason that you CAN'T do any of these things and, yet, I'm here to remind you of the fact that YOU are the very reason that you CAN and WILL accomplish these things!
Why do I say that so strongly? Because I believe strongly in what I have said before: YOU are made in the very image of God and GOD DOES NOT MAKE JUNK!
You are SPECIAL and of GREAT VALUE! You are remarkably made and have great talent and abilities! Yes, YOU!
Friend, that is THE one reason to combat all of those "reasons" that try to tell you that you can't and that "it" - whatever "it" is - WON'T work.
We'll talk even more about this with a quote from a great man that shared a lot of great thoughts like this...the late, Jim Rohn. Be sure to join me then but, UNTIL THAT TIME, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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