Tuesday, November 11, 2014

2nd of 8 Things to Give Up

Is doubting yourself a result of negative thinking or is negative thinking a result of doubting yourself?  I would suggest that they feed off of each other and that they will continue to do so - and, likely grow and increase - until you decide to do something about it by giving them up.
For today's thoughts on giving up negative thinking, we must first of all realize that we are all SURROUNDED by negative thinking. It's literally everywhere. If you are around people and/or watch any television "news" at all then you are "pounded" by negative thinking every day.
What passes for "news" is hardly news at all. If you really pay attention to what is part of the evening "news", you will discover that the majority of it is actually commentary and opinion. In our modern world, you will also find "news" from every corner of the world and involving every thing that happens anywhere and every where.
Have you noticed that some people (more than you may have even realized) just seem to be focused on EVERYTHING that is wrong with EVERYTHING?
Listen - let's make this short and to the point - the ONLY way that you will be able to "give up" negative thinking is to STOP LISTENING to all of the negativity that surrounds you AND to replace it with as much POSITIVE information (like this and the podcast) as possible.
It is not enough to just REMOVE the negativity. You must REPLACE it with something positive.
You must be determined to PROTECT your mindset from all of the negativity and DEVELOP a positive mindset. It's not always easy (go back and see the quote in the last article about "easier said than done") and it may take some time but, you must realize (and decide for yourself) that this is of UTMOST IMPORTANCE!
You can do it but you must be proactive in the process. Allow YOUR positive attitude to surround you and watch what happens to the attitudes of those around you. HINT: It will likely begin to turn positive as well.
Come on...give it up. Who really wants to hang on to negative thinking? Honestly, some do, but not YOU!

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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