Monday, November 24, 2014

H.O.P.E. (Others)

If you've not done so, take a few minutes and read the last blog article which introduces the ideas that I had for this series. Read the article it self, as well, so that you can see how these all connect together.
Friend, we live in a world of PEOPLE. You just can't get around that fact, can you? Oh, I know, there are times that you may wish that it wasn't that way and you may even fantasize about being on some deserted island somewhere, completely isolated from people and all of the problems that go along with them.
But, you know what? It wouldn't be long before you began to MISS being around people! Why? Because we were MADE to be around and with other people! That's right, friend.
But, many times, we allow the frustrations with people to cause us to "close up" our hearts (see the last article) in order to protect ourselves. But, what actually happens when we attempt to do that, is that we actually hurt ourselves.
We become "less human" to some extent and life begins to take a downward spiral.
I want to encourage you to OPEN UP and APPRECIATE others! Remember, you are here for a reason and, along with YOU, your world (as well as the world as a whole) is made up of all kinds of different people with different talents, traits and personalities.
We're not all alike. AREN'T YOU GLAD?
Sure, you're not going to "click" with everyone but, at the same time, if you will allow yourself to "open up" to others, you will likely develop a new level of patience and understanding with those around you.
Finally, when you open yourself up to others you also SHARE YOURSELF with others and, friend, that's a good thing, too.
This is not just called a "race"'s called the "HUMAN race".
Open up to others and share a part of who  YOU are. Not only will you be glad that you did, but the world will be glad that you did as well.
Until next time...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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