Monday, November 17, 2014

6th of 8 Things to Give Up

I need to get this article written for you so that you can read and absorb it's contents. So, what do you say that we BOTH wait on that and do it later?
Nah, let's get it done NOW!
You see, it's EASY to NOT do something. Quite honestly, ANYONE can NOT do something.
There's no special talent or characteristic involved or needed to let something go undone. Nope. Nothing.
And yet, here you are, taking the time out of your day to read this blog article. Maybe you even have taken the time - or WILL take the time - to listen to the podcast and, who knows, perhaps you are one that will actually share BOTH of these with as many people as possible.
We already know that at least ONE of the things listed in that last paragraph describe you And, that being so, it is evident that YOU are not like the others around you that would never take the time to do such a simple - yet important - task.
You have invested your time in these tasks and, likely, you've even invested some money along the way to better your mindset. Am I right?
And yet, you - yes, YOU - struggle with procrastination.
If you are like me, that makes it even MORE frustrating, doesn't it? You're NOT like everyone else in that way but you still struggle with procrastination like so many others.
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Know this: PROCRASTINATION is a product of FEAR!
You see, it's easy to SOUND as if we are going to accomplish great things. It's easy to tell everyone what we have PLANNED to do and, it's also easy to tell ourselves those things as well.
Yet, sometimes, taking the steps necessary can (as we've discussed before) literally freeze us in our own footsteps and we become paralyzed by that fear. We've discussed all of that already so we will move on from that point.
It's not enough to just TALK about your plans. TALK will get you nowhere. You will never make progress and you will never move forward as long as you keep putting off taking ACTION.
Thing is, you already know that. You already know that everything I have said in this article and through the podcast is absolutely true. So, again, you know this to be true as well: It's up to YOU to take action and make it happen!
The best way and, perhaps, the ONLY way to face and defeat FEAR is to take action. Easier said than done? I think we've made that fact more than clear, haven't we?
Just remember: It's EASY to NOT do something but it takes DISCIPLINE and DEDICATION to take action and see that thing through to the end, REGARDLESS of what fear you may face or what obstacles may be placed in your way.
So, give it up and give it up NOW.
Until next time, whatever you do, be sure to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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