Sunday, November 16, 2014

5th of 8 Things to Give Up

We know begin to address the second half of the "8 Things to Give Up". The first question that I must ask you is this: How has your ATTITUDE been toward the things that have been discussed up to this point?
Attitude? Absolutely.
Chances are, you have had some sort of negative thoughts about some - if not all - of the points that we have covered so far. Why do I say that? Simple...those who are OPEN to change and improvement in their lives will usually find that they are looking at TRUTH and that, even though it is difficult to accept, it is of key importance to take action ANYWAY!
Those who aer NOT open to change and improvement in their lives will usually find excuses as to why action does not need to be taken. They will try to disguise these excuses by being critical of the process. "EVERYBODY doubts themselves at some point in time. That doesn't mean anything!" or "These are really STUPID examples given. Everyone I know deals with these things...why should I be any different?"
You simply can not give up that which you refuse to admit to have in the first place, right?
And, the longer you decide to hang on to these types of attitudes, the more likely you will find that you are attaching stronger and stronger "chains" to these attitudes in your life. Those "chains" will not only make it more difficult to rid yourself OF those attitudes, they will also weigh you down and make it difficult to function in a healthy and positive way in ANY relationship!
So, what's the difference between NEGATIVE THINKING and NEGATIVE SELF-TALK?
Good question!
I would suggest to you that negative thinking is a "general" mindset in which you tend to be negative about anything and everything. Negative self-talk is when you have begun to direct that negativity to yourself and have now made it personal. For example, negative thinking might be expressed with: "This place is horrible!" and negative self-talk would be more like: "I am horrible for not knowing better than to come here! What is wrong with me?!". Negative thinking might say: "This is an ugly outfit/dress/suit!" and negative self-talk would redirect it this way: "That outfit/dress/suit is not too bad but I look ugly in it!" or "I make it look horrible!".
See the difference?

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Negative self-talk could lead to self-loathing and self-hatred. BOTH of these are very dangerous and damaging to a person and it is KEY that you snap out of this one and give it up as soon as possible!
Negative self-talk tends to put the blame for EVERYTHING that is wrong (or perceived so through your eyes) on YOU! Hey, maybe that outfit/dress/suit actually IS ugly and it has nothing to do with you! Have you not noticed that much of so-called "fashion" is actually quite hideous, REGARDLESS of how beautiful the person is that wears the outfit?
Too, this type of self-talk really begins to take on the characteristics of SELF-CENTEREDNESS. (Ouch!)
That's right - self-centeredness. The world begins to (and likely has for quite some time for you) revolve around you and you begin to focus EVERYTHING - now mostly all of the "bad" things" - on yourself as if YOU are the one that is responsible for all that is "unfit" for this world.
Stop it! That's right, I said STOP IT!
I'm going to spend a short moment more on this and then I'm going to wrap this discussion up for now. PAY ATTENTION - THIS IS IMPORTANT! When you begin to sink into the world of "negative self-talk" and you become further involved to the point of thinking everything (good or bad) revolves around you, then you become SELFISH to the point that no one else matters. LISTEN UP! There's a lot more I could say about what I'm about to say, but let me just say it this way for today's article - suicide is a very SELFISH act! Again, I could discuss this a lot further, but not today because I want to get your attention here. When you begin to become so involved in negative self-talk that leads to criticising yourself and blaming yourself for anything and everything, then you also begin to run the risk of being so focused on YOU that you begin to think it's all about YOU! When that happens it is also very easy to forget your connection to your world around you (family, friends and others that love and care about you) and you begin to even believe that the world is better off without a person like you.
Can you see the dangerous path? (Be sure to listen to the podcast on this for more thoughts).
STOP IT and GIVE IT UP! Get whatever help you need to do so but PLEASE understand that this can take you down a path that you never thought possible.
Go back and re-read the past few articles or, if you haven't read them yet, DO IT NOW, and begin to absorb a little "good news" about yourself, o.k.?
Yes, it IS that important. Do NOT believe the lies of doubt and negative thinking and do not allow them to go any further in your life. The quicker you give it up, the sooner you will begin to experience improvement in your overall attitude and outlook on your life.
And, as you do so, do all that you can to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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