Thursday, December 10, 2009

Interview with Brian Johnson

The Brian Johnson Family
For today's podcast I share an interview I did with Brian Johnson concerning the importance of personal development in his life. Brain is 34 years old and married with 2 little kids as you can see in the picture above. Brian lives in South Carolina, works a full time job in the biomedical field and operates a part time business from his home. From the interview you will discover that Brian's wife had a major role in introducing him to the concept of positive thinking! Brian enjoys live music, outdoor activities, spending time with his wife, and playing with their kids.
I really encourage you to listen to the podcast if you haven't done so already and then notice these notes that I took from my conversation with Brian:
1. Before being introduced to personal development material, he had a "defeatist attitude"
Brain shares that he felt as if he didn't have a very bright future and that he didn't really have any control over it yet, he really didn't think that was strange. Why? Because that was the world that he lived in! His job didn't really offer any hope of a better future and, through no real fault of theirs, his parents didn't really offer him any other mindset either.
This is a sad truth in our world today. So many people are living lives of hopelessness and they don't even know it! People go through their lives every single day feeling - just like Brian did before - that they do not have any control at all over the direction of their lives. Please, please, please, help spread positive information like my podcast and blog to as many people as possible! It is SO important to do SOMETHING to at least plant a seed in the minds of people like this so that they might at least CONSIDER that there just MIGHT BE another way to view life!
2. His negative thinking had limited his potential.
Brian didn't really realize or understand this point until he met his wife and realized, through her positive outlook, that there WAS another way to live!
Do we really see how important it is to have a positive outlook? I don't think Brain was overstating it when he said that his thinking had actually limited his potential -- and there are many out there today that are the same way. Are YOU one of them? NO ONE has the right and/or ability to control your destiny but YOU! It is YOUR destiny and it is up to YOU to take control of that destiny - not only for yourself but also for your family!
3. Brian was proactive in avoiding the negative inputs in his life and finding more positive ones to fill his time.
The news, etc. that filled Brian's time and mind continued to have a negative impact on his life. Brain began to follow a "reading list" connected with his home-based business and then also actively sought to find a podcast that fit his needs.
We can either sit back and allow things to happen TO US or we can stand up, step out and become proactive so that nothing just "happens to us" any longer! This again is why I end each day with the thought of MAKING it an AWESOME day instead of just sitting back and "having a nice day" or whatever is thrown our way as if we were "life-beggars". Think about that - are YOU a life-beggar willing to just take whatever the world is willing to throw your way?
4. Brain knows there is a MAJOR difference in his life "before" this positive mind shift and "after" this mind shift!
Brain describes how he was living a life void of hope but yet, he really didn't know what to do or if there was anything he COULD do to change his direction. He felt as if he had no control over the situation and he had to even change the way he looked at money and those that sought to be a success in their lives.
Friend, you may not truly understand what we are talking about here today. Would you please consider the fact that, if this is so, there just MIGHT be another way to think? Would you at least consider that you have allowed yourself to be controlled by the negative world around you and that you have the ability to step out and live a life with a different mindset? It IS possible in anyone's life - including yours!
5. A life of "positive expectation" and a firm belief of the ability to ACHIEVE!
Brian mentions that this is now how he lives his life. What a difference! Now he lives a life of "positive expectation" and now he firmly believes that he CAN achieve the dreams and goals that he has for his life and the life of his family. Concerning his mindset as it is today, Brain declares, "Now I KNOW I can change it!"
I feel that this was the most powerful part of the interview with Brian when he stated that he now lives a life of "positive expectation" and that he now FIRMLY BELIEVES that he can achieve the goals and dreams that he has set for himself. Wow! Do you see the real difference in the before and after? Friend, no matter how you feel today - you can live a better and improved life STARTING RIGHT NOW!

I wanted to highlight my thoughts along with the thoughts shared in the interview because I felt that what Brian shared was so powerful for each of us to consider! I really want to encourage ALL OF YOU to take a close look at these words and to, perhaps, listen again and again to what Brian shares in this interview. And, friend, if his "before" mindset describes you - then KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt that you, too, can make changes in your life just as Brian did!

I am here to help in any way that I can - don't ever hesitate to contact me at

Don't forget to listen to the special Saturday podcast with Brian as he shares information about the "work from home opportunity" that he is now involved in and I want to thank Brian, once again, for sharing his thoughts and this information with all of us.

Hey, always remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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