Thursday, December 3, 2009

Xcelerate Your Efforts! (Part 2)

Xcelerate Your Efforts! (Part 2)
In today's podcast I really encourage each of you to "brainstorm" ideas on how YOU can accelerate your efforts on your way to reaching your goals and dreams!
It's always nice (and easy) when someone points out specific things for us to do but, sometimes - if we are not careful - we get dependent on such things and fail to make any moves unless someone tells us to do so specifically. If we follow such a path, that path will never lead us to success.
Why? Because it is not OUR path! We must all understand that suggestions and guidelines are just that ---- SUGGESTIONS and GUIDELINES! Get the point? They are suggestions for us to consider and apply to our own situations. Guidelines are the same way.
So, yes, take them into consideration and adapt them to your own situation, personality and plans --- but YOU must follow the path to YOUR dreams!
So (may I get blunt here?) - don't get lazy! THINK, DREAM and PLAN!
If you go back to the classic book, "Think & Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill (you can get your free copy - just pay S/H - from my "products" tab on my website) you will find that he talks several times about the importance of a "Mastermind Group". This is a group of like-minded people that get together to share their thoughts and to brainstorm together.
This is one way to LEVERAGE yourself - as we talked about in yesterday's podcast and blog. When you get open minds together and they begin to share ideas without fear -- great things can happen! Instead of YOU thinking alone and trying to come up with ideas, etc. you have the benefit of OTHERS doing the same with you -- this is LEVERAGE! It's how you are able to "Xcelerate Your Efforts".
Mel Robbins, in a November article in Success magazine also discusses another way that I believe is a way to accelerate our efforts. In this particular article she discusses how she is open and aware to everyone around her and how she greets and talks to all of these people. From the moment that she drives into the parking garage at her work all the way through her day she talks to each of these people. (This is very similar to what I talk about each Thursday with the "Thankful Thursday" tag).
She is "accelerating" her efforts by including these people in her life and by being genuinely interested in their lives and what is going on in their lives. She is also using the principle of leverage!
Anytime that you expand your circle of contacts and influence, you have accelerated your efforts and have put the principle of leverage into place.
Here's a promise - you will NEVER go wrong by opening your life up with others in this way. We ALL need people! This is not talking about "using" people just so you can get ahead....but, again, being genuinely interested in others. This will always come back to you in powerful ways, wouldn't you agree?
So, get with a group of like-minded people (your own "Mastermind Group") and begin to share thoughts and brainstorm. The energy that is shared and released will lift you up and encourage you (as well as all the others involved) to keep moving toward your goals and dreams. Ideas and thoughts will be shared that you may have never even thought about as well as having thoughts coming to mind simply due to the shared energy of the group.
Yes, YOU can accelerate your efforts and put the principle of leverage to work in your life!
This can be one of the most exciting things that you have ever experienced in this journey -- check it out and see if this is not true for you.
And, as always....
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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