Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Zero In On Your Goals!

Zero In On YOUR Goals!
(and go for it!)
Today we complete our discussion of the "Positive Alphabet" and I hope that you have been encouraged along the way and have discovered many useful things to plug into your life as you continue on YOUR journey toward YOUR goals and dreams.
Now then - today, we close by making sure we understand one of the most important steps of this whole process - ZERO IN ON YOUR GOALS!
Zero in, zone in - FOCUS! We live in a world where many things try to grab our attention, don't we? There are legitimate things like job and family, but there are also many things that try to grab our attention that we can definitely live without.
Many of these can be useful BUT - like many other things - when we allow them to grab too much of our attention, they can also be harmful. For example, watching television CAN be helpful - depending on what it is that you watch. But, for most, watching television is a waste of time and is something that takes our focus away from our goals and dreams. Right? The computer is another. The computer can be a wonderful aide in the pursuit of our goals and dreams. But - wow! - talk about something that so easily tries to grab our attention as we do our "work" and "research" using the internet. How easy it is for us to get sidetracked by so many things.
So, FOCUS! Pay attention! ZERO IN!
When my boys were younger I had the chance to coach all three of them in basketball and one of them in baseball. Even if you have not coached, if you have even watched kids of a very young age participate in a sporting event you know what I'm talking about. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to keep them focused on what is going on! The baseball field seems to be the worse for some reason. Maybe it's because the field is so big and there is so much to distract these youngsters! Look at the clouds... look at that butterfly...look at those ants...look at that dog over there...why is everyone yelling at me and jumping up and down and pointing?
Sometimes we lose our focus along the way. Have you? If so, get back on track and ZERO IN on your goals and dreams so that you can actually continue to make progress toward the achievement of those things in your life.
2. On YOUR Goals!
I know I've talked about it before but, one thing we need to do as we ZERO IN ON OUR GOALS is to make sure that they are OUR goals! Take a good long look, my friend - are you really pursuing what is important to you? Are you pursuing this goal but it is not YOUR dream?
If so, please understand that even if you do reach that goal (I won't call it a dream - because in this situation it's not YOUR dream anyway) you won't be satisfied and you won't find happiness or a feeling of completion. Actually, it is very unlikely that you will ever reach that goal because the passion is not there since it is not yours.
This is part of taking control of your own destiny as was talked about with the letter "T" . It MUST be YOUR destiny and YOUR dream and it is up to YOU to step up and claim it.
Here's something else to think about while we are taking such a close look at our goals and dreams. Is it possible that what you thought was a goal or dream when you began is no longer such? Perhaps you have discovered that this particular goal/dream is really not what drives you after all.
Hey, that's o.k. too as long as you understand that there would be no need to keep working toward that goal/dream.
YOU HAVE NOT FAILED if you realize that your true passion would take you down a different path!
My friend, the whole purpose of everything that we talk about every day is for you to find YOUR goals and dreams - no one else's - and then to take action to make them a reality in your life.
But they MUST be yours!
One easy way to determine if this is truly YOUR goal/dream and if it is STILL the goal/dream that you wish to pursue is to look at your progress. This is connected to your "why". If you continuously are struggling to keep your focus and to make any real progress at all with this - chances are it is either not yours to start with or you have discovered that this is not what you really desire after all.
Hey, only YOU can decide that for yourself. You.
So...take a close look, ZERO IN ON YOUR GOALS and, once you know that this is, indeed, what you wish to pursue then GO FOR IT!
Stop talking about it. Stop dreaming about it without putting any action behind it. Stop wishing and DO something about it!
Isn't it time?
How about we do this together? Are you ready? I know I am!
I look forward to many exciting things that I have planned beginning early in 2010 for us to be able to work together on our goals and dreams.
BUT...don't wait until then - GO FOR IT for it waits for you!
And, hey, don't ever forget to...
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"

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