Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Today is "Magical"! (Part 2)

In yesterday's podcast and blog entry we talked about "5 Things That Make Today MAGICAL!" and covered - in detail - the first three points. I wanted to spend a little more time on the last two of these points so that we can give the the attention and detail that they need in order to be of help in our daily journey.
As a way of quick review, the first 3 points were:
1.It's a NEW DAY - never before (same job, etc. - but a new day)
2. Although you cannot UNDO the past, you can DO today!
3. There will NEVER be ANOTHER today -- once gone, it's gone forever (so DO it today!)
And now, let's finish up with the last two points as to what makes TODAY "MAGICAL"!
4. Today has an impact on ALL of your TOMORROWS!

Although we cannot go back and "redo" or "undo" what we have done in the past, we can live today KNOWING that what we do today (remember, we can "do" today!) will have an impact on all of our tomorrows! We don't have to settle for the "same old thing" in our lives - regardless of what remains the same!

Tired of your job? Hopefully, you have been making strides in improving your attitude so that you can approach this differently or maybe you have been making strides to make a change in your life sometime in the "not-too-distant" future. For many people that are wanting and moving toward change, it becomes increasingly difficult to "put up" with what we have become dissatisfied with --- our everyday job and routine. (This can be true of so many things in our life that have not changed, including our relationships).

Here's the thing to remember: even if our surroundings do not chance - WE can change! We have the ability - through our changed and improved mindset - to change our approach and our outlook TODAY! Understanding that what we do today will - without a doubt - impact our tomorrow SHOULD help us approach today with a whole new - and improved - mindset!

When we understand - as has already been pointed out - that there has never been a TODAY and there will never be another TODAY (specifically by date!) then we come to realize how important and what a precious commodity today really is! IT IS TO BE VALUED and cherished!

Are you following me on this journey even since I began the podcast on this topic? When I recorded the podcast it was Sunday evening, December 13th. It was posted for airing for Monday, December 14th and I wrote the initial blog entry on Monday, December 14th. Those days are GONE FOREVER! And, now, I am finishing up my thoughts on another day - Tuesday, December 15, 2009.

One thing I had always heard and now, as I get older, find to be true is the idea that time seems to go by so much faster than before! I just turned 50 in early November - how did THAT happen?

What impact will you make on your TOMORROW, today? You WILL make an impact one way or another - know that to be true. It is up to YOU as to what kind of impact you make.

5. You have the ability to CHOOSE how you DO today!

Then last few thoughts of point 4 lead us to this one - we all have the ability to CHOOSE how we "DO" today! Think about how magical that really is!

For many of us, there are many things in our lives that we do not have control over. If you work then there are certain things that you have no control over at all - what time you have to be at work, what time you get to eat lunch, what time you get to go home, when you can be sick, when you can take vacation - just to name a few.

But again - and DO NOT miss this point! - we still have the ability to have control over our minds, our mindset and how we CHOOSE to "do" today! As was mentioned in points 3 and 4, we still have the ability - even in a world of "sameness" - to live each day differently than before. Why? Because today IS different than before!

Will you settle for just "going through the motions" through yet another day? Will you settle for having the same negative mindset as so many around you as you go through your day? OR will you apply what you know to be true and helpful in your life and allow your positive subconscious mind to kick in and help you LIVE LIFE in a NEW AND POWERFUL way?

Let me remind you again to take a quick glimpse at the clock. What time is it right now? For me, as I type this, it is 9:59 a.m. on Tuesday, December 15, 2009. The only "today" there will ever be! And, as I look at the clock I see that ten hours of this day has already passed! GONE FOREVER! I have fourteen hours left in this precious time slot of my life and the lives of those around me - WHAT WILL I DO WITH WHAT IS LEFT?

It is up to me! No one else!

Yes, we "allow" others to have influence and impact on our lives - but notice the word, "allow"! NO ONE ELSE can actually control how you live your life! NO ONE ELSE can actually cause you to have a bad day or to live your day in a foul mood! NO ONE - but you!

What will YOU choose? What DO you choose?

Feel the magic! Be thrilled by the magic of the moment! Let it exhilarate you and let it spur you on to "DOING" today like no other -- because, in fact, there has been nor will there ever be another.

And, as you continue to do so....

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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