Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Will It Take? (Part 2)

What Will It Take? (Part 2)

Do you REALLY want to have a "HAPPY" New Year?

The DO something! That's right - make a choice, make a decision and then carry that out with ACTION!

Have you ever considered how many people die with their dreams left as just that - dreams? Have you ever considered how many plans are left undone when someone dies? Now, honestly, I hope to live my life in such a way that I NEVER fully complete all of the things that I'd like to accomplish BUT...we both know what I'm talking about here, right?

Stop living life in such a way that you will one day (and that day is getting closer and closer) look back with regret and say, "You know, I sure wish I had done something with those plans I had."

What a sad thing to have to say.

Is that thought enough to push you to action? Again, WHAT WILL IT TAKE?

Hey, we're in this thing together - I believe that and I hope that you, too, also believe that and know that!

Hey, here is an article that I wrote almost a year ago - in February of 2009 - that I think really "speaks" to what I'm trying to say here with this thought. Enjoy it and GET READY TO JUMP!


The last two Sunday evenings I have watched a television show with my family - especially my youngest son - that features a bunch of "nuts" (yup, that's what I called them!) that do all kinds of crazy stunts like jumping tricycles on ramps, riding motorcycles into the water and riding them on top of the water as far as they can, jumping out of planes --- without a parachute (allowing someone else to come to them and pull THEIR chute! )and all other kinds of things.
Now, these guys (and one gal) are all professionals at what they do. They make tons of money and, yes, they live life on the edge!
I call them "nuts" because I think they're crazy. But then, I think again. You may not agree with me but try to follow my train of thought anyway, o.k.? They are living life TO THE FULL and LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF EVERY DAY! Oh, I know that maybe it's not EVERY minute - but you get the idea.
They are not living their lives wondering "what if" in anything. What a way to live! My wife thinks it would be awesome to jump out of an airplane. Me? I'm scared of heights BUT I think if I could get past the initial shock, it might be pretty cool. The problem is - if I have a heart attack and die due TO that initial shock - so much for the thrill the rest of the way, right?
BUT HERE'S MY POINT...We may not all be able to literally jump out of an airplane. But....what is it you and I need to do TODAY that will be - for us in our everyday lives - like jumping out of an airplane?
I have lived too many years (and allowed too many years to go by) with regret. They are gone. I cannot get them back. BUT I can do something about the time I have NOW!
I am going to push myself to JUMP OUT OF THE PLANE ALREADY! Enough of the hanging around thinking about it. Enough of the "wondering". Enough of the self-defeating talk that keeps me from stepping out and going for it.
IT'S TIME TO JUMP!!!!! It's like a speaker I heard this past summer at a conference say, "Jump and develop your wings on the way down!". WOW!
Are you following me here? What is it for you? PUSH, SHOVE, KICK yourself out of your COMFORT ZONE and JUMP!!!
I want today to end with the thought of, "WOW! What an AMAZING DAY! I can't believe I did that!"
Anyone ready to strap on their " 'chute" and join me?
On the count of 3.......

-------------------and, as always,
"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)

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