Thursday, April 22, 2010

Claim Your Print!


How quickly are you to sign your name to something? Do you understand what I mean? How quickly are you ready to put your signature on the bottom of a piece of paper?

It depends on what the paper is, doesn't it? And, even at that, if you are like most people, there is still a bit of nervousness to signing your name "on the dotted line". (You know, I've never signed on a "dotted" line - they've all been solid!)

Why are we so nervous about doing this? Because it is legally binding! Your SIGNATURE means that YOU - yes YOU - agreed to the terms of whatever it is that you signed.

Sure, someone might be able to forge your signature and, unless proved as being forged, that signature is also binding to YOU.

Wow, very much like our fingerprints, huh?

In today's thought I want you to also consider the concept of your signature much like an artist puts his signature on a painting. Doing so states, "Yes, this is MY work! Like it or love it, it's mine. I did it!"

How much of your LIFE are you willing to put your signature on? Good or bad, like it or love it.

You see, when we do a job and we do it well, we LIKE for people to know that we were responsible for it. Go on, admit it. You know it's true. However, if it doesn't turn out the way we planned we more or less hope that we don't have to take credit for the mistake, right?

And, even then, when it comes back to us (our "signature" declares our "ownership" of the project) we may even try to come up with any and every kind of excuse as to why - even though it's "ours" - it didn't turn out well. Ouch!

Here's the deal - the question is not, "Are you WILLING to put your signature on everything that you do in life?". The FACT is, you do.

All week long we have been talking about our "life's fingerprint" and the imprint and impact we make on our world. Good or bad, positive or negative we are leaving our imprint behind. Uniquely ours.

And so it is in today's thought and message. Like it or not, we ARE "putting our signature" on everything that we do.

Our job. Our family life. Our social life. Our spiritual life. Each and every relationship. Everything. That's right - EVERYTHING!

Yes, I understand that, in a family, there are others that are involved as well. But, what does YOUR "signature" and "fingerprint" say about YOU in this situation? Apply this thought to each of the situations mentioned above as well as those I didn't mention.

Here's the challenge: Live life in such a way that you are willing to accept both the good AND the bad and still PROUDLY have your "signature" and "fingerprint" attached to the situation!

Claim your print!

Take responsibility. For the good AND the bad.

Don't make excuses. Don't hide. Don't boast. Just simply claim your print!

I'm thinking that, when the reality sinks in that everything we do is attached to us via our "signature print", it might change our approach on life in general.

Hey, it's just a fact. Like it or not, we leave our "signature print" behind on everything that we do and upon everyone with which we come into contact. Wow!

Are you perfect? No. Am I perfect? No.

But I am me! I am trying to IMPROVE "me" each and every day.

I hope that you never "settle for less" in your ongoing development and improvement in your life. I hope that your "signature print" is significantly more meaningful in your life TODAY than it was when you were a teenager.

Seriously, do you think anyone would take you to court as a kid in kindergarten if you got hold of a document and scribble your name on it? Why not? Because that "signature" really didn't carry any significance to it at the time! But now? That's a whole different story, right?

Claim your print!

It's yours and on one else's!

Pretty cool, isn't it?

And as you go through your life leaving your "signature print" behind, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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