Thursday, April 8, 2010

Give Up or Get Up?

Give Up or Get Up?

Here we are again talking about CHOICE.

YOUR choice to either give up and settle for less OR to get up and follow your dreams.

Even when you think you CAN'T (go back to yesterday's message) you still have a choice.

"Oh, but you don't know me, I'm not making excuses, I have a really good reason...."

NO, you don't.

Again, go back to yesterday's message and check out the two people I mentioned there. And, while you are at it, add Dennis Walters to your list. Read about him here:

Yeah, I'm pretty adamant about this - contact any of these people (along with many others) and tell them what your "reason" is as to why you CAN'T do something. Really. Go ahead and see what they have to tell you.

Please understand that I DO understand that some people have more negative things stacked against them than others.

However, the fact remains that you can still RISE ABOVE anything - ANYTHING - in your life if you are determined to do so.

It just depends on how badly you want to get up and follow your dreams.

And, yes, just like in the story about Mr. Walters in the link above - sometimes your dreams take a different route, but you ARE resilient enough to change course and still survive, thrive and succeed!

Aren't you?

Sure you are!

So, what will YOU do?

Give up and settle for less?



You can do it... GO FOR IT!

And, as you do..."Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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