Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knock and...

Knock and...

...the door shall be opened to you.

WOW! When you take a look at all three of these you SHOULD BE astounded at the promises that come with these action points!

SHOULD BE...but are you?

With each one of these that we have discussed this week you have ACTION followed by a PROMISE of DELIVERY. Why would anyone NOT follow through with the action?

I'm not sure, but we see evidence of it each and every day.

For example, we all know that if we eat better (healthier) and exercise we will lose weight AND likely prolong our life. Pretty good promise of delivery wouldn't you say? Yet how many of us (myself included for right now) seem to struggle with following through with this idea?

Another example: If you spend LESS than you MAKE you will be able to set some money back and, over a period of time, have a nice "nest egg" of money set back and your bills taken care of! Again, another good promise of delivery, right? And, yet again, most of us FAIL to follow through with this course of action.

So, when we look at the three action points behind "the Concept of A.S.K." along with the promises of delivery we can also see that, although the promises of delivery are POWERFUL, not everyone will follow through. Will you?

"ASK and it will be given to you. SEEK and you will find. KNOCK and the door will be open to you."

That's pretty powerful IF we follow through. And that, my friend, is a big "IF"!

So, here we are. We have ASKED the questions that are necessary for us to follow our dreams and move toward our goals (see Tuesday's blog and podcast). And, IF we have done so with the purpose of following through we WILL have the answers revealed to us! Then what?

The answers have been revealed showing us - revealing to us - the PATH that we must take in order to fulfill our life's purpose. However, even as we SEEK this path - this direction - we must still continually be asking those questions to make sure that we do, indeed, continue to follow the right path. By doing so, we WILL find the right path to follow along our life's journey!

By following this path that leads us to the fulfillment of our life's purpose, we will end up at what I call the "door of opportunity". We've been lead down the right path to this door. It's there - right in front of us! You've heard the phrase, "Opportunity knocks" right? Well, here is our chance to knock on the door of opportunity!

But, will you? Will we?

Believe it or not, THIS promise of delivery scares some people! Sure, they've had to step on out boldly so far by following the answers that have been revealed to them and by actually following that path that has been revealed during their search. But now...NOW they have to decide if they really want to knock on that door.

Why? Because the promise is that, if you KNOCK on that door, it WILL open!

And, if that door of opportunity is open for you, what excuse do you have NOT to walk through it? Let me answer that one for you - NONE! No excuses!

Believe it or not (maybe you DO believe it because you have experienced this in your own life) people get to this place every day and fail to follow through by walking through that door.

If you notice, we're not told WHAT lies beyond that door! We're just told, PROMISED, that it WILL open for us - to us. And, perhaps that is the problem - the fear of the unknown.

We have talked about fear at great lengths over the past year or so, haven't we? Yet, we still face that paralyzing fear often.


This is the path that you've followed. This is the path that was revealed to you when you asked those questions about your purpose in life and how to go about fulfilling that purpose. You are AT THE DOOR!

Knock and walk through with great confidence and security. It is YOUR door that is open to YOUR life and YOUR opportunity.

Claim it. Own it. It's yours!

And, when you do so, as the old Carpenter song says, "We've only just begun to live..." !

How great is that?

And, as always, be sure to remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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