Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Yes! It's Me!

Yes! It's Me!

Take a look at yourself. Go ahead. I'll wait. Go look in the mirror and take a good look.

So, I see you're back now. Well, what did you see? My guess is you picked out the blemishes and the things that you don't like about yourself. Is your nose too big? Eyes too close? Ears? Lips? Eyebrows?

Who do you look like? One of your parents? An uncle? Grandma?

Even though you might look LIKE someone else - you don't look like anyone else. Just like your fingerprints, you are unique in all the world! That's right. No one else is exactly like you.

Your family. Your life experiences. Your DNA. All of it goes in to make you who you are - not just in how you LOOK - but also in how you conduct yourself and the "fingerprint" that you leave behind as you make your way through your world.

I'm typing this up a little early. Tomorrow (when I usually would put together this blog entry) I will be sitting with a family at the hospital as their elderly father goes through some major surgery. It's going to be a rough go for him and his family. Thing is, it HAS been quite a rough go for them over the past month or so.

This elderly gentleman and his wife had celebrated their 66th anniversary not too long ago only to have her pass away within two weeks after this celebration. Wow! That's a LONG time! And they have BOTH made quite an "imprint" on their world.

As I sat through her funeral not too long ago one thing that I heard talked about over and over and over again was her smile. And she DID have quite a wonderful smile - no matter what was going on or how she felt. Several talked about how that smile - HER smile - lifted their spirits when they felt that things just weren't going to work out for them.

She left her "life's fingerprint" on many, many people in this community and far beyond.

Do other people smile? Sure they do. But not like SHE did - it was HER unique smile! No one else could smile like "Miss Margie"!

I still remember my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Huddleston. She left quite a "fingerprint" on me with her loving and caring ways. Oh, she was firm, but all of us in her class knew that she loved each one of us. She made such an impact on me that I took my wife to meet her before we got married. I had moved and lived miles away but I wanted my wife to meet her. She made that big of an "imprint" on my life.

There are others in my life and I know that there are those in your life that have left their special "fingerprint" on your life.

And so it is with YOU! You are unique! You are "uniquely you"!

Hey, has life dealt you a hard blow? Don't allow yourself to use that an excuse - use it to propel you forward in your life and understand that it is also part of what makes you "you"!

We all have a limited time on this earth. What will you do with yours? What "fingerprint" will you leave behind? What "impact" and "imprint" are you leaving as you go through your day.

There is no one like you!

So, when the world asks, after seeing your "life's imprint", "Hey, is this you?" , you can proudly say, "YES! IT'S ME!"

And, as you do so, don't forget to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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