Wednesday, April 7, 2010

You Can't WHAT?

"You Can't WHAT?"

I love that little poster up there. It's so true and factual yet, many of us still live by the mantra of, "I can't."

You're kidding, right?

How many of these have you used or ARE using currently: "I'm too young. I'm too old. I'm too fat. I'm too skinny. I'm too dumb. I'm too smart. I'm a male. I'm a female. I live in the North. I live in the South. I live in the East. I live in the West. I live outside of the U.S.A. I live IN the U.S.A. I'm poor. I'm under- educated. I'm over-educated. I'm too pretty. I'm too ugly. I'm handicapped....."

Oh, I'm sure I left some out. My guess is that some of you have even said in your mind, "Well, MY reason is not there...I'm too _________________!"


For any and every "reason" (by the way, these are EXCUSES that we have "dressed up" as reasons) that we want to give there is someone that IS following their dream in spite of that "reason". Every one of them.

If you want to have your eyes opened to your pitiful excuses - yeah, I'm getting THAT blunt today - then do an internet search on the name Rick Vujicic and watch some of the videos about his remarkable stories. Type in the name Bethany Hamilton, the teenager who had plans of becoming a professional surfer before having her arm ripped off by a shark. Do you think she just gave up?

And there are many, many more that can really make us take a serious look at our life of "I can't!"

You see, these two examples (and again, there are many more) are of people that DID have a really strong "reason" to say, "I can't" on a LOT of matters! But instead, they have boldly declared, "YES I CAN!"

There are so many of us that have gotten lulled into a life of mediocrity by following the life of "I can't". We have settled for less because we have told ourselves - for whatever "reason" (EXCUSE!) - "I can't follow my dreams."

Look at that picture at the top of this entry again. "Someone is always doing something that someone else said was impossible!"

As with everything else - this one is 100% totally up to YOU!

Isn't it time that you stopped whining and complaining about why you CAN'T and started stepping up and boldly declaring that you CAN in spite of what may be "wrong" in your life?

Better yet, why not get in contact with Rick and/or Bethany and you tell THEM why you can't.

Kinda' puts it in perspective, doesn't it?

Follow your dreams or settle for less. What will YOU do?

And, as you go through your day, be sure to remember...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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