Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"Seek and..."

Seek and... shall find.

Today I'd like to discuss the second of three "legs" behind the "Concept of A.S.K."

Yesterday we discussed the first, "Ask and it shall be given to you." We discussed the importance of asking some vital questions that we MUST be asking if we are serious about following the path of our purpose. And THEN taking action when the answers are revealed to us. And, be assured, they WILL be revealed if we do, indeed, want to know the answers!

Please notice that all three of these words - ask, seek, knock - are VERBS. That being so, they denote ACTION!

We discussed the idea that we must not ask and then wait for something to fall into our laps. No! When you look at it as a VERB then we understand that we must ASK with the intention of MOVING TOWARD the answers.... actively pursuing those answers. And then ACTING upon them once discovered.

Today is the same as we look at the idea of, "Seek and you will find".

Remember that, this too, is a VERB word and that it denotes ACTION! This is not a "passive search" but an "active search".

Why am I emphasizing this so much? Because it is IMPORTANT for us to understand! Too many times we may say we are asking the questions and seeking or searching for the right path for our life when - in all reality - we really aren't!

Many times we are "going through the motions" just to try to pacify either ourselves or someone else and we aren't really serious or we don't really have any intentions on changing ANYTHING in our lives.

Don't waste your time and don't try to do ANYTHING in this area to try to please or pacify someone else.

It is UP TO YOU and it has to be FOR YOU or it will never really work out for you.

YOU have to want it! YOU have to really want to know the answers to the questions we discussed yesterday. YOU have to really want to find the direction for your life so that you can life a life of purpose and passion. YOU!

Here's a fact of life: You will find what you are looking for - good or bad!

If you focus on the negative things in this world then, guess what? You will continue to see and see nothing BUT the negative things in this world. Your life and your world will seem to be nothing but a sea of negativity.

However, the opposite is also true and CAN be true even for those described in the previous paragraph IF they desire to make the needed changes to make it happen. If you focus on the positive things in this world then you will continue to SEE and EXPERIENCE the positive things that this world has to offer!

Oh, you will see the negativity from time to time but, because you are being ACTIVE, in your pursuit of the positive, you will easily overcome any impact the negative might have on your life and you will move on in a POSITIVE direction!

Again, it's YOUR choice!

Ask, and it WILL be given to you... Seek and you WILL find!

Whether this matters to you or not is up to you. For those that say that it DOES matter, answers and direction await!

And, as you travel this journey of life, always remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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