Monday, May 3, 2010

TODAY Matters!

TODAY Matters! (Part 1)

This is a basic truth that I've been sharing with you for quite some time now. For months (over a year now) I have talking about the fact that TODAY is all we have and that when that 24 hour period that we call "tomorrow" arrives it, too, will be called TODAY!

So, in reality, there really are no tomorrows...only TODAY!

I appreciate those of you that follow my blog and/or my daily podcast that I've been doing since March of 2009. Some of you were connected to me on a different site that I began sharing my thoughts through articles on and commenting in forums. Some of you have discovered me by other means.

I'm sure, at times, many of you have thought and wondered, "Who IS this guy?" and "Does he REALLY know what he is talking about?".

That's o.k. I'd be asking the same thing!

But here's the thing... what I know about myself and what you know about me are likely two different things. You see, I KNOW that I know what I'm talking about and I KNOW that the thoughts and ideas that I share with you have real benefit and are "solid" in the area of personal development.

And if YOU take the time to read and/or listen to others in this field - especially those "big name" people out there (Jim Rohn, Bob Proctor, John C. Maxwell, etc.) you will discover that, indeed, I DO know what I'm talking about and their writings and audios will back that up!

I don't say this to brag, I promise you that! I simply enjoy the validation I receive when I read things from some of these giants in this area that say the same thing that I've been saying. You see, for the most part, we're all saying the same thing.

Why? Because we are all learning and growing as well as testing and experiencing in our own lives the truths of these foundational principles. Basic principles of change and growth!

I could just about promise you that every one of the "greats" in this field have read Napoleon Hills book, "Think & Grow Rich". (By the way you can get a free copy - just pay s/h - by going to the products tab on my website - These men will tell you about the IMPACT that this book had on their lives and the way that they thought and allowed their thoughts to impact their lives!

This was brought to my attention again recently as I began to read the book, "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson.

I've not gotten very far into the book yet, but right off I discovered him saying the same thing that I've been saying to you for over a year now - TODAY MATTERS! Using different words Mr. Olson said the exact same thing as I have been saying about the fact that TODAY is all we have and that, in reality, there is no such thing as "tomorrow".

Validation. Yeah, it helps me when I read this stuff and receive this validation but I also hope that it helps you as you read and/or listen to my thoughts. This old boy DOES have some idea what he's talking about after all!

One final thought to share with you on this first of four segments on "TODAY Matters!"... the step or steps you take TODAY will determine the path of your journey.

Perhaps you want to go a certain way to reach a goal that you have set for yourself. If, TODAY, you begin to step OFF of the path that you have "mapped out" for yourself to reach that goal, then TODAY you have begun a journey on a different path!

It's not too late! If TODAY you realize that you have gotten "off course" then you can also redirect your steps TODAY and begin to make progress toward your original path.


What you do with it DOES matter!

And, as always, as you go along the journey, remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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