Wednesday, May 5, 2010

TODAY Matters! (Part 3)

TODAY Matters! (Part 3)

So, how's today going for you? Does it matter? You KNOW what I'm going to say for an answer right - SURE IT DOES!

What you do today - and every day - matters! I hope you are beginning to understand - and ABSORB - this concept so that you can apply to your life each and every day.

So far we have discussed the fact that TODAY MATTERS because: 1. It is the only "today" that you have! Once gone it is gone forever and cannot ever be reclaimed! 2. What you do with today shows your perceived value of the day as well as of your relationships, your job, etc. That's right - how you LIVE today shows how important people are in your life and also it shows how important your job is as well as your goals and plans for a better future.

Today, I want to share some thoughts with you on the idea that TODAY MATTERS because it shows "who you are"!

This is very closely tied in with yesterday's discussion (point 2 above) about the "value" we place on the day. It also is closely related to what I discussed a week or two ago about each of us leaving our own "life's fingerprint" on our world.

You see, what you do TODAY MATTERS because you leave your "stamp" on the day. It's like someone can look at the day and say, "Hey, look, Mike Spillman was here...let's see what he did with this day." - how does that make you feel?

Too many of us have wasted away too many days. Is THAT the "stamp" that you want to leave behind? Perhaps you are one that is easily persuaded by others to "blow it off" (whatever "it" may be) until later so that you can spend mindless hours playing video games or some other mind-numbing (and time sucking) activity.

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I encourage you to sit up and understand the power behind this concept! When we ALL understand the impact that we have on our world (our "life's fingerprint") as discussed before and we also understand that how we LIVE this day shows "who we are" then we likely will look at each day in a different way.

Oh sure, I know it's easy to get caught up in a routine to the point of it becoming a rut - but that is why we must all actively pursue JOGGING OUR MIND and our MINDSET with such things as my podcast and this blog. It helps to call us back to the importance of today!

I learned when I was a teen not to EVER say, "I'm bored" around my dad. He would very easily and quickly find me something to do! You may find yourself in the same situation once you decide that you need to spend your time more wisely. "O.k. I've made a decision to do something of more value and what?"

Perhaps you can volunteer at the local hospital, nursing home, library or many other places that are always seeking help from people like you!

Perhaps you can spend that time on the computer - NOT playing video games and endlessly checking e-mails or chatting with friends - doing some research on some new venture for you to pursue.

Perhaps you can take a class at the local university OR online since many now offer this in such a convenient package.

If you are a parent, perhaps it is simply spending more quality time with your children because, if you don't already know it, they grow up way too fast.

None of us will do everything the way it should be done 100% of the time. However, we can ALL do BETTER than we have done in the past. Instead of going to bed restless because, deep down we know that we wasted away the day, we can now lay our heads on our pillows with a feeling of peace knowing that we did, indeed place great value on the day. We can also rest easy knowing that we can be PROUD to have left our "stamp of approval" on the day as it ends.

What a great way to life life, my friend!

What a great way to live life TODAY!

And, as you do so...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


SPECIAL NOTE: I want to call your attention - in advance - to tomorrows podcast and blog (but ESPECIALLY the podcast)! The message for Thursday will be directed to young people...teens and pre-teens and I want to encourage you to make this available for them. Our young people MUST UNDERSTAND and be ENCOURAGED with the fact that what they do TODAY matters!<>

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