Monday, May 24, 2010

What Are YOU Absorbing Today?

What Are YOU Absorbing Today?

Each and every day we absorb an unimaginable amount of information.

Some good. Some not so good. Some useful and much that is useless!

Some positive and some negative.

Here's the deal...although we may all be exposed to this almost overpowering amount of "data" for our minds, we can control what and how much we actually let in!

A lot of this has to do with what we are seeking, what we are wishing to include in our lives and what we are wanting to make a "permanent" part of our mind and mindset.

Permanent? Yes, permanent! Once it's "in there" it's "in there" for good!

If we don't have any focus or direction in and/or for our lives then it really doesn't matter to us what we do or don't let into our mind. We become a "human landfill" that is open for anyone and everyone to freely "dump" whatever they'd like into our lives and our minds.

Pretty picture, huh?

However, if we DO have focus and we are determined to keep out as much negativity from ever gaining access to our minds and attitudes, then we will likely be successful in this endeavor. Why? Because it is part of what we have "set out" to do and accomplish in our lives!

Here's the real kicker - even those that have no focus and have turned their minds into that "human landfill" likely once had passion and focus in their lives - they've just given up and given in!

When did they (you?) give up on following their (your?) dreams? When did they stop "listening" to that inner voice that kept them going with hope and promise?


In today's podcast I talk about the movie, "August Rush" starring Robin Williams. This movie came out in 2007 and I highly recommend it for your viewing if you have not seen it already. Even if you have, you might want to watch it again!

I had watched it once before and it was on again over the weekend. My son, Jordan and my wife were watching it so I sat down to watch what was left of the movie. It's really a powerful movie full of all kinds of "hidden treasures" for those that are seeking to follow their passions.

You can listen to the podcast for more, but let me get to the main thought and idea that I want to share today about this movie - would that be alright with you?

The main character in the movie is a boy of about 12 years old that is searching for his parents. His grandfather forged his mother's signature to "release papers" in the hospital which allowed him to be put up for adoption. His mother - a teenager at the time - was told by her father that the baby had died during childbirth. The father of the baby - the girl's boyfriend had been run off by her father "for her own good".

They were both deeply moved and involved in music and this boy - renamed "August Rush" by Robin Williams' character ("Wizard") - was very musically inclined and would say that the music would help him find his parents.

He heard music EVERYWHERE! He heard music in the busy traffic of the New York city streets! He heard music in the noise that he encountered as he walked those streets. Everything was music to this young boy's ears!

Again, for more details, listen to the podcast or just watch the movie (really, DO watch it!) or check out this Wikipedia article - , but at one point in the movie this boy and Robin Williams' character are looking up at the stars and Robin Williams asks the boy, "Where you do get it? (the music) Where does it come from?"

The answer? Something along the lines of, "I just hear it everywhere. It calls out to me!"

He "listened" to what led him - his passion, his life and, in his own belief - his future with his parents that he had never even seen.

Now, I'll be talking more about other thoughts I picked up on from the movie during the rest of this week, but just think about that one main thought and how POWERFUL it is and how POWERFUL it can be in our own lives!

What passion are YOU following? What is your LIFE'S PASSION? Direction? Path? Course?

What are YOU "hearing"? What are YOU absorbing?

Somewhere along the way many of us - if not MOST of us - have forgotten to listen to our dreams and to our heart's desire and we have given up and stopped listening!

That "inner voice" has been muffled by all of the other "noise" and other "voices" (usually negative) that we have allowed into our lives.

My guess is that for many of you, as you read these last couple of paragraphs, you maybe felt a slight "tug" from inside. Am I right?

It's that "inner voice" trying to get your attention once again. It's that passion that you have put away that is trying to come back to the surface!

Do you feel it?

DO NOT GIVE UP! Do NOT stop listening!

This was the whole point of the title - "What Are YOU Absorbing?" - are you absorbing the sounds and "vibes" (yes, I said "vibes") that can draw you, lead you to your destiny?

And, yes, I feel that strongly about it!

Or will you turn a deaf ear once again and follow the same, mindless path of so many?

Be sure to follow this blog and my podcast this week IF you want to start to listen once again. IF you want to start to dream once again. IF you want to start to LIVE once again.

Until then - and as you go through the day...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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