Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Survivor - Choices Matter!

Survivor - Choices Matter!

This past Sunday the latest "season" of the television reality show, "Survivor" came to an end with someone receiving $1 million as a reward.

The interesting thing about this season' shows was that the producers pitted "Heroes" vs. "Villains" and it was quite an entertaining series.

Now, even if you HATE this show or if you don't know anything about it - PLEASE KEEP READING because I believe there is a very valuable point to be made. (I'll be talking about some other things that really DO bother about the general make up of the show - so you'll like that if you don't like the show!).

One of the things that EVERYONE in the show does is the development of alliances that they may - or may not - stick to in order to have a "team" that will all help each other. This usually doesn't happen because, hey, when there's $1 million dollars involved people go crazy!

Anyway, one player, Parvati, chose the worst of all villains, Russell, to be her main ally. Yes, this got her down to the final three to remain but, as she soon found out, this decision also worked against her as those that had already been voted off would now decide who would receive the $1 million prize.

Here's the thing...while Parvati used her alliance with Russell to get her through the game, once she realized that the "jury" was against her due to that connection she told one jury member, "I didn't have a choice! I had no choice but to ally myself with him!"


Whether you are playing Survivor or the game of life - you ALWAYS have a choice! ALWAYS!

I know I just went a long way to make a point - but it was so powerful to see (at least to me) how once Parvati knew it was working against her she decided to use the excuse, "I had no choice!"

What about you today?

Have you allowed yourself to fall back on that weak excuse, "I have no choice!"

Not only is it a weak excuse, it is a LIE!

No, I'm not calling you a lie, but I am saying that you have fallen for a lie and have CHOSEN (there's a choice in iteself) to use it as an "excuse" for whatever is not as you would have it in your life.

Take the time to think about it and honestly ask yourself how many times and for how many different situations in your life have you allowed yourself to use this as an excuse (you may even think of it as a legitimate reason)?

Many times when people give up they cry out, "I didn't have a choice!" or "What choice did I have?".

What about you?

I will be continuing on with this thought process and, between now and then, I ask that you really take a close look at this and discover what areas - if any - in your life that you have allowed this lie to be used.

You might be surprised.

Until next time, whatever you do, be sure to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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