Tuesday, May 4, 2010

TODAY Matters - Part 2

"TODAY Matters! - Part 2"

As you can tell by the title of today's entry, I will be continuing my discussion on the topic, "TODAY Matters!"

The basic premise for our discussion this week is as follows: TODAY is all you really have! When that 24-hour period that we call "tomorrow" arrives it will then be "TODAY"!

So, with that in mind, I'd like to begin by asking you this question: "What are YOU doing with TODAY?"

We've all heard the saying, "Time flies when you're having fun" and I've also made the comment in the past that, regardless of whether you are having fun or not - time still flies by!

Time passes at the same 24-hour pace TODAY (regardless of your age or "fun-status") as it did yesterday or even twenty or thirty years ago! Oh sure, it seems that time goes by faster as we get older but we all know that, in reality, it doesn't pass by any slower or faster than it ever has before.

So, here's the deal - IF we begin to understand this concept then we will begin to understand how VALUABLE today really is! Once gone it is gone forever, never to be reclaimed!

We also know that none of us has ANY promise about "tomorrow" ever arriving for us. And, again, understanding that fact SHOULD help us attach more value to the time that we have TODAY!

I believe that what we do with our time each day shows the VALUE that we have attached to that day and our time. Think about it and see if you don't agree.

My guess is that, if you DON'T agree it is because you realize that you don't spend your time each day very wisely and you almost get offended at the idea that this indicates how you value each day. Ouch!

Instead of becoming angry at me for saying it, why not allow that feeling of "indignation" cause you to take a closer look to see if it's not actually true in your life.

Now listen, I'm not saying that we can't all enjoy some "down time" when we simply kick back and relax! If we DON'T allow that in our lives we will end up with some "down time" against our will and it will likely be in a hospital!

But I also know this - if you are reading this blog entry then you know what I'm talking about. You are smart enough and wise enough to differentiate between those needed "down times" and our tendency to "waste time", right?

Sometimes we need a wake up call (a close brush with death, for example) to cause us to understand now valuable today really is - but what about if that "wake up call" doesn't come? Is it still possible for us to begin to treasure and value each day?


Honestly approach every area of your life with the idea that I have already mentioned - how you "treat" that area of your life shows the value that you place on that area of your life.

For example, let's think about our relationships. You can think of your spouse, partner, best friend, children and other family members - you decide. But, many of us take for granted these relationships, don't we? Many times, this comes to our attention once it's too late to do anything about it.

One thing for sure, once death has come and taken that person away from us - we can never go back and laugh, cry, talk or walk with that person ever again. This point is quite obvious.

However, a point that many times we overlook is the fact that once TODAY is gone we can never go back and laugh, cry, talk or walk with that person in THAT OPPORTUNITY GIVEN ever again!

Sure, we may have the chance to do it again - but never can we go back and "redo" that opportunity. The time is NOW and your approach to this shows your thoughts on the value of that relationship.

This is true of not only relationships, but also of our jobs and thoughts about our future. I think you have the ability to sit and think about the ramifications by using the examples already given with relationships.

Wow! Makes you think, doesn't it?

I know it does me and especially as my wife and I prepare to watch our youngest son, Jordan, (yes, our YOUNGEST of three - the last one!) get ready to graduate from High School in a little over a week and a half.

Where has time gone? The same place that it always goes...into the past one day at a time.

Be sure to join me as we continue the thought behind the title, "TODAY Matters!" and be sure to take a little extra time TODAY to value all areas of your life. Once gone, today and all the things that make it what it is, can never be reclaimed.

So, you see, as always - it is up to YOU! Take advantage of it and make the most of it and, as you do, always remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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