Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Desire Determines Direction (Part 2)

Desire Determines Direction (Part 2)

The definition of "desire" as given by dictionary.com is as follows for the verb usage: "to wish or long for; crave; want." And, for the noun usage: "a longing or craving, as for something that brings satisfaction or enjoyment."

I also wanted to find out the definition for the word crave or craving since it was used in both of these definitions. The noun usage of "craving" is defined as: "great or eager desire; yearning" and the verb usage for the word, "crave" is defined as: "to long for; want greatly; desire eagerly".

So, here's the question for the day - What is it that you "long for, want greatly and desire eagerly"? What is it that you crave that will "bring satisfaction or enjoyment"?

Only YOU can answer that question for only YOU know the answer to that question!

Again, it's one thing to SAY that we desire something in our lives and it's a whole different thing to actually live our lives in response to something that we don't actually believe deep down inside!

Think about it this way... have you ever changed your mind about how you felt about someone? Sure you have! But even more specifically, have you ever thought you were "in love" with someone only to discover later on that you either weren't in love with that person anymore OR that you discovered that, perhaps, you weren't really "in love" with that person in the first place.

You see, you can still SAY the words, "I love you" but your actions - even your body language - will betray you because you know deep down inside that it simply is not true. And, usually, if the person on the other end of this relationship is paying attention at all, they will pick up on the body language and other factors that even let them know that, although you say it, you really don't mean it.

You may feel that way about a so-called "desire" in your life. Maybe it WAS a desire in your life at one time. Maybe it was a desire that really wasn't your own but, you were more or less talked into it and you've tried to follow it anyway. Maybe you took some sort of "test" that would determine what your gifts and talents were and you have been trying to follow what was indicated SHOULD BE your desire.

Let's go back and revisit that "wake up call" from yesterday: You are where you are BECAUSE you have allowed it to be so!

Go back up two paragraphs and revisit the thoughts on "how" or "why" something may be a "desire" that you've tried to follow. Notice that in EACH of these situations that "fire" for that "desire" is not sufficient enough to keep you enthused.

Yes, it IS possible to really, truly believe that something IS a real desire of yours - your life's calling and have that change later. Early on you're "on fire" and ready to take on the world with your dedication to this "desire" and then you find that your heart just isn't in it after all.

What happened? Sometimes it's simply called "growing up" and, at other times, it is simply a result of you "peeling back the layers" on that desire only to discover that it is not quite what you thought it was. Think about this: how many college students change their major? Lots - if not most - of them! Why? Because they discovered through a process that this was not what they thought it was in the beginning and, perhaps, they discovered something else that seemed to inspire them even more!

Also, as we discussed earlier, it is possible that you were "talked into" this desire and you've tried to "live up" to whoever it was that felt that this was what you needed to do. THIS WILL NEVER WORK! Please understand that you might have some success in this area, but you will never feel the "connection" necessary that you must have to carry you on in a powerful way. Maybe it was a parent, a spouse or some other person that you highly regarded in your life. Regardless, your "direction" prompted by this "desire" will never lead you where you truly wish to go.

It's o.k. to change your mind and leave something that you thought was a desire. It's o.k. to stop trying to please everyone else. Actually, in both of these situations (or any others) not only is it o.k. it's NECESSARY for you to discover and follow YOUR desire.

You know what I'm talking about, right? YOUR desire! The one that effortlessly pushes you along in the direction of it's fulfillment!


Here's the thing: not many people are dedicated and disciplined enough to "stay the course" even with a desire that is THE desire! It's hard because we live in a world of "instant gratification"!

One last example: You have decided to cut back on sweets, eat healthier foods and, as a result, lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle. Whether you realize it or not, this takes dedication AND discipline! But your DESIRE to be healthier is strong and you are determined!

But then, you walk in and one of your kids has left something out on the counter while they went back to their room to drop off their backpack. It's a nice big bowl of vanilla ice cream smothered in thick, chocolate fudge covered with whipped cream! WOW, that looks SOOOO GOOD!

What do you do? Your IMMEDIATE desire is to get a spoon and dig in, right? But your "long term desire" is to walk on past that bowl of ice cream and pass on this temptation. But, will you?

It depends on how REAL your "long term desire" really is.

If you were to go ahead and dig into that bowl of ice cream, what would your thoughts be? DURING the destruction of that ice cream you'd likely be thinking, "Oh wow, I know I shouldn't be doing this but it tastes SO GOOD!"

And, almost immediately upon finishing it off you'd think, "I can't believe I just did that!" and then you would continue to "beat yourself up" over your lack of self-control and discipline.

What will it be for you, my friend? Will you continue to give in to the "right now" or will you be dedicated to your "real" and "true" desires and stick it out for the long run?


Which direction are you headed?

Think about it and join me for more on this topic tomorrow and, as you go along the day be sure to remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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