Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Begin to Dream Again!

Begin to Dream Again!

Taking the main thought from yesterday's article - Can you still hear the music? Or, as I talk about on today's podcast, have you allowed the music (passion, drive, dream) to be buried by negative thoughts and influences to the point that it can no longer be heard and enjoyed?

It's easy for us to allow this to happen, so don't beat yourself up too much.

It's easy because it usually doesn't happen all at once but a little bit at a time and a little bit each and every day. Then, after a while, we have failed to even notice that the "music" is gone and, instead, we have replaced it with "noise".

Today I want to encourage you to DREAM AGAIN!

Here are the questions that I said we would address today - "If money were not an issue, what would you be doing right now?" - "Are you doing that right now - today?" - "If not, why not?"

Again, remember - IF MONEY WERE NOT AN ISSUE (because I know that's our first "objection" to this scenario and the first "reason/excuse" we use as to why we AREN'T living that life)!

Somewhere along the way we have lost our passion and our the joy of our dream (the "music") in our lives and for our lives. And we wonder why we often feel unhappy and unfulfilled?

Maybe it was the idea that we had to "get a real job" and give up on our dreams. Maybe it was the lure of something else that took us off course.

Whatever the reason, I want to encourage you to uncover that dream once again!

Now, I understand that you may not be able to make the living that you desire by that dream alone (but, then again, perhaps you could!), but I still want you to get excited about uncovering that "hidden treasure" that you have left out of your life for so long.

Have you ever discovered a box from your attic that contained some items from your childhood? Do you remember the excitement and child-like feeling that you had when you began to rediscover those items and the thoughts and feelings along with them? Do you remember the joy? The thrill? Did you begin talking and sharing with those there with you about what each item was and why you kept it? My guess is you were like a kid all over again!


Just the very fact that you decide to "uncover" and rediscover those dreams (the "music") that you once had will excite you - IF you will allow yourself this joy and pleasure!

Beware of the negative talk in your own mind as well as what may come from others. You may tell yourself, "Oh, just leave that alone - what good will it do to think about it again? You'll never be able to do it anyway, so why even think about it?"


I believe you will feel that same exhilaration that I described above in the scenario of opening a box from your youth.

Do this a little each and every day and feel some joy come back into your life. Feel some hope begin to show up as well. You may very well even discover (as well as your family and those around you) that you are a little happier and not as grumpy and negative as before!

Why? Because you have allowed yourself to "hear the music" or to dream once again!

And finally, one last suggestion - find a way to begin to incorporate these dreams back into your life once again. Just a little at a time begin to find ways to enjoy them in your life.

Perhaps it will be in the evenings or on the weekends...whatever and whenever - just do it and see what happens!

Hey, I'm excited for you!

And, as you do, let the "music move you" like it did once before!

And, hey friend, don't forget to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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