Thursday, May 6, 2010

TODAY Matters 4 Youth!

TODAY Matters 4 Youth!

How old is old? That's a question with an answer that is dependent upon who it is you are asking! I'm 50 years old right now, so to me, 70 would be considered old and yet, someone that is 70 would suggest to you that anyone OLDER than them is old!

When I was a teenager, I couldn't imagine someone being 25 years old - THAT WAS OLD!

So it is when I say that today's message is for "young people" or "youth" -- what does that mean and who does that include?

I'll try to clarify it in the following way: Anyone that has the ability to understand what I'm saying (we're talking "little one's" now!) up through those that have completed college and are in the 20's...that's who I'm talking to today.

How's that?

What do I feel that this message is so important for you? Because so many people in the world will tell you that what you do right now in your life doesn't really matter! And, from what I've seen, the younger you are the more likely it is that you will hear this said.

Bottom line: THAT JUST ISN'T TRUE! It's a LIE!

Regardless of your age - no matter how young you may be - what you do TODAY MATTERS!

Now, let me clarify something else again - I'm not trying to get you to "grow up" too fast and skip your childhood or the life of a teen. Enjoy every bit of it WHILE YOU CAN!

But what I AM saying is this: no matter how young you are you can make "life-impacting" decisions TODAY!

Since I usually direct my thoughts toward adults, let mention a couple of things to you first: 1.) I am not going to "talk down" to you - regardless of your age. You need to hear this "straight"and "to the point" and that's what I am going to do. It's what I always try to do regardless of the age of my audience. 2.) Although I emphasize the fact that TODAY is all we have and that, in reality there is no such thing as tomorrow (what do you call that 24 hour period that we refer to as "tomorrow" once it arrives? "TODAY"!) we still MUST be planning for the future. Our future is NOW. I wanted to get that out there before I continue on with this discussion. There now, let's move on!

What you do today matters because you are laying the FOUNDATION - the BUILDING BLOCKS - for your future TODAY! And, just like with any building of any size, if you have a shoddy or weak foundation, that building will not be stable and it WILL come crashing down!

Here's my main point: I encourage you - I CHALLENGE YOU - to make a decision NOW - TODAY - to live a life of character!

What do I mean? I challenge you to STEP UP and ABOVE those around you and choose to live a life of honesty and honor which, in turn, is living a life of character.

Hey, don't laugh this off - what you do TODAY matters and what you do TODAY becomes a habit for your life! Really think about that!

Don't laugh it off when I challenge you to NOT CHEAT on any tests or assignments. The sad thing is that this has become so common place that many young people would look at me like I'm crazy for saying that. Really? This is what I mean by you stepping UP and ABOVE the rest!

It's not "just" about not cheating on tests or assignments, it's about living a life of TRUTH! Dedicate yourself to a life of TRUTH and you WILL "rise above the rest"! That's a promise and guarantee!

Why is this so? Because so many of your peers WON'T and DON'T live a life of truth! And you're decision to do so will set you apart and lay a solid foundation for a powerful and positive future.

Living a life of character means that, because you life a life of TRUTH, when you speak people believe you. Think about how important that really is.

If your habit has been to lie about big things or small, how do you get anyone to believe you when you really ARE telling them the truth?

Understand this: some people may appear to be "making it" in the word by living a life of dishonesty and lies - you can see it around you each and every day - but that is a facade, a "false appearance" and you need to dedicate yourself to NOT be lured away by false appearances.

People that live this kind of life will encourage you to take the path of least resistance! Instead of dedicating and disciplining yourself to WORK at an honest job, they will try to lure you away with the "false appearance" of money and wealth.

I know that the lure is strong for some of you. But I want to CHALLENGE you to STAND UP and STAND ABOVE the rest! You CAN do it if you set your mind to it and I will do all I can to encourage you along the way.

And, you know what? There are many more people just like me out there that are waiting and willing to HELP YOU ACHIEVE this life of character!

The habits that you form TODAY will shape all of your "tomorrows". Regardless of your age!

THIS CHOICE IS NOT EASY and the life that comes from choosing to live a life of character is not always easy either!

One last thought - You may think that those that live a life based on dishonesty and lies have a lot of things that you desire such as popularity, friends, money and lots of "stuff". But I encourage you to look again and look very closely.

Those that live this kind of life really have NO true friends. Those people that you see following them and surrounding them will stab them in the back (both figuratively and literally) at their first opportunity. Those that live this kind of life can never really be at peace for they are always "watching their back" due to what I just said about those that surround them. When that "stuff" is gone - so are the so-called "friends".

Choose a life of character - regardless of your age. You attract those that are like you! Usually this is worded that you become like those you hang around and this is true. However, I want to turn it around and use it to show the power that YOU have in and with your life!

When you choose to live a life of character you will attract others that are drawn to this type of life and decision.

When can you begin this process? When you can you take the first step of this journey?

TODAY! Right now.

And, YES, YOU CAN! Never doubt that.

Contact me at any time via the information that you can find on my website ( - I'd love to hear from you.

And, as you go through each day always remember to...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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