Sunday, March 27, 2011

RELATIONSHIPS: In the Workplace II

"RELATIONSHIPS: In the Workplace II"

Before I get going on today's entry let me clarify that when I talk about your "boss" I am referring to that person that tells you what you need to do at your workplace each day. It may be a "manager" or "supervisor" but, regardless, they are YOUR boss.

How many of you LIKE your boss?

How many of you DISLIKE your boss?

Of those of you that DISLIKE your boss, how many of you would also say - honestly - that you don't put 100% into your efforts on the job BECAUSE OF your dislike for your boss? You know what I mean, right? It's the kind of attitude that says, "Why should I do that for you? I'm not going to do anything more than I absolutely have to!"

Now, an even more important question that you need to address: "How is that attitude helping you in ANY way whatsoever?"

Does it make you feel better? I can answer that for you - "NO!" Oh, you may THINK it makes you feel better but I can promise you that this "relationship" (as it stands) eats at you each and every day.

Is it IMPROVING your positive mindset? Again, an easy answer - "NO!"

So...what's the point?

What if I could tell you a way that will not only change the way you approach each work day BUT may very well lead to a promotion and/or better job for yourself?

Here it is: Do EVERYTHING you can to make your BOSS look as good as possible!

O.k. after you pick yourself up off of the floor I'll continue. Are you back with me now?

Doesn't that just go against everything that seems to make sense in the workplace?

But really take a close look at this idea. Again, how is the other approach working out for you?

When you decide that you are going to approach each day with the idea of doing the BEST job possible (hey, listen, don't roll your eyes - it really is an important step to take!) then you begin to LOOK FORWARD TO the day as opposed to DREADING the day.

When you begin to focus on making your boss look good, guess what? YOU will begin to be noticed and YOU will "look good" as well. Your boss (even if he/she IS a jerk) will begin to realize how invaluable you are to them and they will do all they can to keep you working for them.

THEN, other department managers will begin to notice what you are doing and then THEY will want to get you to work with/for them!

My wife is currently working a part time job that is nothing special. It's just a basic part time job that a lot of people fuss and gripe about. But, guess what? As she usually does, she has approached each day as a chance to make people smile and to just simply do the best she can. She has only been working at this job for two weeks and she has already had one manager tell her that "word" about her has already spread around the store and that all the managers are wanting her to work in their department.


Now, you tell me, how can that be anything BUT good?

Now, even though YOUR immediate manager may want to keep you where you are so that you can continue to make them look good, THEIR manager will notice what you are doing and realize that it would be silly to keep you at that level and will likely want to promote you to a higher level in order to take better advantage of your work habit and attitude.


But, first and foremost, you MUST change your attitude on all of this.

And then, quite honestly, the sky is the limit for you.

Hey, why not try it? Honestly, what do you have to lose?

BE YOUR BEST and see if THE BEST doesn't start happening to and for you!

Until next time...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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