Wednesday, March 2, 2011

When the Going Gets Tough - Introduction

"When the Going Gets Tough - Introduction"

A couple of things first before I get on to the discussion on today's topic, o.k.?

First of all - I'M BACK, BABY! Oops, sorry for the burst of enthusiasm there (actually, no, I don't really apologize for it!). But, after a 6.5 month lay off from doing my podcast and, in conjunction with it, my podcast on a "regular" basis I've decided it's time to get back on track and "do this thing!"

It was two years ago today (March 2, 2009) that I began my very first podcast on "Hope" so I thought it appropriate to get it going again on the anniversary of this occasion.

(Too, let me also say "Happy Birthday" to my son, Jeremy today!!)

Let me tell you about something new that I'm doing WITH my daily podcast that some of you MIGHT find helpful. While I record my podcast I am also now video taping it as well.

Yeah, that's right, now you get to WATCH my beautiful face while I do the podcast. The good news? IT'S YOUR CHOICE! So, if you decide to do so... all bets are off, o.k.?

Now, that being said, I'm going to mention something about it before someone fusses about the "low tech" approach to the video. Hey, just watch the first one with this topic and you'll see what I'm talking about. Go to my YouTube channel to check it out:

Anyway, I start the thing out holding up a piece of paper with the "podcast logo" on it. Awesome, huh? Here's the deal. I have a real problem transferring these videos onto my "movie maker" without it freezing up on me. When I am able to use the "movie maker" I can add graphics (such as an actual "podcast logo graphic") as well as overlay website addresses, etc. on the video.

HOWEVER, when I try to do this with a video that is not broken down (like I had to do with my series on "The Promise of Hope") it freezes up and is unable to be used. So, at least for now until I get something else figured out, I need to just upload the video without using any kind of "movie maker" program. So, it's not "high tech" as far as visually BUT I do think it's of value "content-wise".

Here's a free little life lesson for you that connects with this: "PRETTY stuff doesn't always mean it's GOOD stuff!" Right? 'Nuff said about that. Let's move on to the topic at hand for today.


We've all heard that one before, right? And though it is a good "motivational" phrase that may be able to encourage some, it's not always true, is it?

Simply put, what about in YOUR life? Is this always true? Hey, you can answer honestly because I nor anyone else reading this can hear your answer.

We may WANT it to be true. We may FEEL THE NEED for it to be true so that we can live up to someone else's expectation of us. We may WANT IT TO BE TRUE due to our OWN expectations that we place on ourselves.

But, bottom line, it's NOT always true. We DON'T always get up and get going. We DON'T always have this powerful mindset firmly in place so that it may propel us forward with "guns a'blazing".

How does that make you feel?

For those that may be reading or listening to my thoughts for the first time you will soon discover this to be true - I'm real. What I mean by that is that you won't find a lot of "fluff" here. Just honest and, hopefully encouraging, thoughts and ideas.

Hey, but even though I hope the things I share here are encouraging that doesn't mean that it won't "hurt" sometimes. THE TRUTH OFTEN HURTS, right?

So, for the next few podcast and blog posts, I'm going to examine the FIRST PART of this phrase and look at some possible "ending phrases" that we all look at whether we like it or not.

"When the going gets tough..."

Join me for my next podcast and blog entry as I share thoughts on one such ending to that phrase.

Oh, by the way, until my podcast gets finalized/approved over at iTunes, you can go here to here it (and I hope to have the rss feed button up on the right hand column of this blog very shortly):

Alright friends, I am glad to be back doing what I love and I hope you will join me as often as possible. Please feel free to leave comments here, on the fan page at Facebook, on the website ( which can also be accessed by simply going to or by sending an e-mail to me at:

And, as always...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)


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