Monday, March 7, 2011

"When the Going Gets Tough" - Part 4

"The First 'R' of the "3 R's of Change"

As we continue to talk about the fact that, when we face tough times and situations, we likely need to make some changes in our life we must begin to challenge ourselves as to the WHY of our situation.

Sometimes we find ourselves in a tough situation due to circumstances beyond our control such as the tornado example I used in yesterday's article. Even at that - even though we had no control over the tornado - we find ourselves, out of necessity, having to make changes in our life!

But again, if we are going to be totally and brutally honest with ourselves, there are many times that we have to face the fact that WE are to blame for the tough situation in which we find ourselves. Perhaps it's due to poor choices and decisions or due to our own negative attitude towards our job and/or others around us.

But, regardless...WHAT NOW?

Today I want to introduce you to the first "R" of what I like to call "The 3 R's of Change" and that would be...


Let's get something clear right from the start of this part of the discussion - retreat and surrender are two totally different things!

Surrender means that you have given up and given in. You have ceased to fight.

"Retreat" means that you have decided that you need to withdraw from the situation so that you can "step back" and take another look at what is going on and what you are doing in regards to the situation.

I don't really want to get too detailed on this today because I will be revealing the other 2 "R's" of change tomorrow and they all tie in with each other. However, we can still focus on this part and work on it right away...


Do any of you remember that old commercial where the housewife was surrounded by her hectic surroundings of the day? The kids were fussing and fighting, the dog was barking, the phone was ringing and on and on it went. The commercial ends with her calling out, "Calgon take me away!". It was an advertisement for some sort of bath salt and she longed to get in that hot tub and just soak and GET AWAY from her hectic surroundings.

We ALL need that from time to time and, sometimes, when we are in the middle of tough times we especially need to retreat.

Do NOT misunderstand this point...this is NOT running away from the situation or your problems! Not at all!

I'll clarify this even more in tomorrow's podcast and blog article but it is NOT running away or surrendering.

My friend, "retreat" is just the opposite of giving up or running away.

So, for you today, perhaps you just need to take a step back and take a deep breath. Don't give up and don't run away. That never accomplishes anything, does it? Why? Because the problem or tough situation is still there.

Be sure to join me tomorrow as I revel the other 2 "R's" of change and, until then...

"Make it an AWESOME day! (Who else is going to do it for you?)"


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